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  1. Cookie
    Cookie Wharf Rat
    Im Looking for a stand alone Plotter GPS Nothing crazy, Just fish cape cod bay, 9" screen min any recommendations.
  2. junkman
    junkman WoundUpMarine
    model#DE0051. serial# IRN0041. Norcold 2.7 cu. ft. yes I believe the the door will mount both ways.Please give me a ring at 78l 829 O55O during the day. Thanks, Jeff
  3. fisheast
    fisheast Massbaytuna3
    I am looking for a good circle hook for live baiting mackerel for GBFT. Do you use the OS or inline trokar hook?
    1. Massbaytuna3
      Feb 20, 2019 at 10:01 AM
  4. StowIt
    StowIt Peter@MackBoring
    Hi Peter, I recall someone mentioning that the Scania can support a second alternator, is that accurate? Some suggest going 100% 24v but that is hard to do. any thoughts on having primary alt at 24v and adding a second at 12v? or something else? Bruce Sweet said this has been the most problematic part of his boat and suggested a 2nd alternator.
  5. ltdann
    ltdann CompassRose
    Is john H still involved in NB? did some business with him years ago good guy helped me out with a couple of projects over the years. I still have a mould up there I hope.
    1. CompassRose
      John sold the business and the property to a couple of guys from The Netherlands. They're trying to run the place while going back and forth to Europe with little success. John still lives on the property and pops his head in the shop from time to time but he's not involved with the day to day operation. Which mould is yours? There's a bunch of them behind the building.
      Feb 12, 2019
  6. Sharky
    ISO of green stick for center console 508-255-4339
  7. StowIt
    StowIt Diesel Jerry
    Andy at CIB is spec'ing a Westerbeke 5.5kw genset. What has been your experience with them versus Northern Lights? My mechanic said he wasn't too fond of the Westerbekes but a friend has a larger one in his Cabo and has never had a problem. Andy put the same genset in Sweet Dreams and he has no complaints.
    1. Diesel Jerry
      Diesel Jerry
      I like the Northern Lights. They are well supported in this area. Quite, and efficient.
      Feb 9, 2019
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    2. Blitzen
      Jerry you forgot to mention that the NL controls the electrical end with relays and not printed circuit boards which makes it simpler to fix and diagnose in the field and less expensive.
      Feb 10, 2019
  8. Herbert der Skipper
    Herbert der Skipper fishtheblock
    Suche günstig Boat für Ende Maerz April.! Für Praxis. Lg.Skipper Herbert
  9. Joshbel02
    Joshbel02 RHAdventures
    I’m interested in ur out riggers ...I’m josh in NH...where are you located?
    1. RHAdventures
      North Hampton
      Feb 9, 2019
  10. StowIt
    StowIt xbskt
    How is Merlin coming along? I’m chafing at the bits to get started on my boat.
  11. Momof3boys2
    Grover 24 heading to her new home.
  12. Fish220sr
    Fish220sr Bill
    Bill-T shirts available?
  13. Fish220sr
    Fish220sr BillD
    Bill-T shirts,Stickers. Please contact me. Thank you.
  14. Dave Wynn
    Dave Wynn CompassRose
    Hi My name is Dave Wynn. I am starting to put together a NB 38 Build. Can you please call if you have a little time. I would like to pick your brain a little. My number is 201-390-7329 Thanks Dave
  15. Able Bodied Seaman
    Able Bodied Seaman
    Co Owner of a Blue Seas 31
  16. TedFJ40
    TedFJ40 Major look
    Miguel is that you? If so, It’s Ted from Montauk
  17. fvbuckeye
    fvbuckeye Beachbumrmv
    Hi Rob,

    If you pass on the boat please let me know. Would greatly appreciate the contact. That hull would work great for me.
    I will definitely give you a finders fee

    Mike Cell # 617-799-8382
    H # 978- 978- 7443
  18. Melkon
    Searching for my next boat.
  19. Osmond
  20. Willie
    Willie BobGeo
    You still looking for a downeast 28 foot boat.ive got a spot open for a order at t jason boat.can complete at any stage you want kit or finished call me for more information if you want 12074601869