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Aug 30, 2011
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Administrator, from Crow Point, Ma

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Aug 22, 2019 at 12:38 PM
    1. RickC137
      $27 large Sent via PayPal. I need an apparent wind indicator
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    2. Aotea
      Bill, I posted a nice comment after Crabbypatti's post on 38 Young Bros. this week. But I had to delete it, which your log will show. Someone called 'VigLink' had captured my post and put a hyperlink on the words, 'great cruiser'. It went to an after-cooler, or something similar, I think on Amazon, or somewhere. I looked but basically wanted to stay away. Just so you know. All the best, Ian.
    3. fortier256
      Hi Bill
      I have been trying to get “captain” removed from my information. Could you please remove or help me to do so?
    4. Fish220sr
      Bill-T shirts available?
    5. Paul Gavaza
      Paul Gavaza
      Bill. Wayne Monahan said that you used some kind of foam to make your engine cover. I am considering some to replace burned core in the cabin. What was it that you used?
    6. winterking
      Hi Bill, Tom here, Is their anyplace on the site to advertise a truck? I can't remember what was said on that. Have a parts truck with a low mileage 12 valve cummins that I want to help a friend sell. No worries if not, seems like I remember a discussion about it being inappropriate to the site.
      Thanks, Tom
      1. Bill
        Hey Tom I wouldn’t bother on here you’ll just get shit for it just post it on Facebook or Craigslist
        Dec 14, 2018
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    7. Captrob
      Hi Bill, where can I find pics of the t shirts, hats, hoodies for sale?
    8. GSVH747
      Hi Bill,
      For a while now, when I get the periodic notices about new postings to the DE Forum and the CC Forum, I also get a security warning saying that these emails may not be from posted sender and the green security lock on the https url address is now black with a red circle/diagonal line.

      Have you seen this from others or would this be my local issue with my computer?


      Gary VInicky
    9. Justin Baits
      Justin Baits
      Hi Bill, I noticed you are out of Crow Point.
      Are you currently lobster fishing?
    10. Diesel Jerry
      Diesel Jerry
      Hi Bill, Would you mind deleting my thread “Thats’s the way to sell boat, Poop on the builders” in the Cove section. It had zero value on this forum. I posted it in haste with a knee jerk reaction (jerk being the operative word). I apologize for posting that trash.
    11. RCLS2016
      Bill i was wondering if you would contact me about a 25 Terry Jason. I have some questions. by phone or email or on here,, 732-904-2465. Thank you in advance
    12. BillD
      Bill D here.
      I was in Merrimar today buying some sea hawk paint.
      Chatting with Billy he said you "moved" to Newburyport and your boat is in the Merrimack ?
      What Marina ?? I'm at Cove on Salisbury side.
      Bill D
    13. Dragup
      Hi Bill I really enjoyed the work you posted,I recently purchased a 25 t Jason it has a wooden top which is in decent shape I know that flowers has Terry's mold but I was wondering if you ever come across one if you could let me know or any other ideas,thanks. Al
    14. Dave Wynn
      Dave Wynn
      Hey Bill hope things are good !!! but can you call me at some point have an issue with the site. Thanks Dave 201-390-7329
    15. Ryan75
      Hi bill. i feel like I'm getting bad water to my prop on the repco and I'm wondering if you have had any of the same issues? I can't trim up much at all without cavitation/ventilation and when running with a following sea it'll cavitate. Engine height is low if anything. Happens at any speed, tried different props. Any ideas? Thanks ryan
    16. moetuna
      Hi Bill , I am looking for the same size , material prop that you posted about . Mine would be LH , 1 1/2 " bore. Didn't want to hijack your post if you were looking for the same .
      1. Bill
        No it's cool no responses yet
        Jun 7, 2017
    17. Blitzen
      Hey Bill the survival suits are in Rhode Island. I know the owner.
      1. Bill
        Ok prob wont drive down there got my hands full.. thanks John
        Feb 26, 2017
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    18. dhickey
      Hey do you still have that Repco for sale?
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    19. Old Mud
      Old Mud
      Ok Bill, i found it in North Weymouth. I'll be thereat 09:00 Saturday.
    20. Luke@MackBoring
      Hi Bill,

      Is there a way to Embed Youtube videos into the thread similar to how you did in the thread on how to post pictures? When I preview the post using the Embeded link youtube provides, it will not show the video. Please let me know. Thank you.
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