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Aug 30, 2011
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Administrator, from Crow Point, Ma

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Apr 20, 2019 at 8:31 PM
    1. mainely boats
      mainely boats
      Hi Bill, I tried to PM you a while back, sure wood like to talk with you when you get a chance, thanks, Kenny
      1. Herbert der Skipper
        Herbert der Skipper
        Sorry verstehe nichts!?.
        Feb 12, 2019
    2. Pipewrench
      Hi Bill, I noticed that the downeast swag website is down. Is it still possible to order t-shirts online?
    3. YankeeFPT
      Hey Bill, The detective that is investigating this has told me to eliminate ALL online account. Please follow my wishes and delete my account. I will join again when everything clears up.
    4. YankeeFPT
      Hey Bill. My I.D has been compromised. They have my soc. sec number and everything. I have been told I need to eliminate all online accounts. Sorry about the inconvenience. feel free to call if you have any questions. My yankee email no longer exists.
    5. down deep sportfishing
      down deep sportfishing
      Hello Bill,

      Where did the "charter boat" listing section go?
    6. lindsey 28
      lindsey 28
      Hello Bill,I have been looking for a while for a thread on here where they showed pictures of a keel that they used a hole saw to get access to the inside of the keel.
      Do you know this thread?I have been searching for weeks.
      By the way,your message box is full.....
    7. BillGallagher
      Good Morning Bill:
      In my profile post a nice old sailing photo, but does not show in my posts. I put the picture up about 3 weeks ago. thanks
    8. bulmanmarine
      I broke my screen on an I phone 5s. Do you still fix them? What should I do
    9. duke22
      How is the boat coming?
    10. Frigate

      Check your email.

    11. bulmanmarine
      pics of the new boat bill?
    12. fiberglassmagic
      I paid 8500 and three hundred to haul,got a good deal because it was my im just asking what i paid total so i dont have o pay storage on it
    13. tsitas
      Hey bill what sizes are avail. Lookin for few med n small thanks
    14. WRHardie
      What a bad ass little rig man that is cool! Really like the setup!
    15. WRHardie
      Hey Bill is there a build thread on your rig in your avatar? Would like to see some more pics of that if you could steer me in the right direction. Thanks.
    16. Katelyn A
      Katelyn A
      I need my name changed again. We decided not to name our new boat Katelyn A. Please change it to H&H38.
    17. scallywag
      Bill, I see my Mermaid post 04-02-13 was deleted. I wasnt sure why. Was it the Picture or the direction the comments were headed ? I am trying to stay in bounds with the sight and if I stepped over them please let me Know. I was not trying to be sarcastic with my comments. Probably not easy to be a moderator for a forum with independant fisherman as members. Thanks Rick
    18. scallywag
      Bill I deleted my previos post about hooded sweatshirts. Not sure if you saw it. Was wondering if there were any hooded or non hooded forum sweatshirts available. Looking for xl for me and medium for the girl friend. If not I'll pay more attention the next time around. Thanks, Rick (Scallywag)
    19. Eastporter
      Hi Bill,
      There is a guy who just bought a 1980 Midland and want to know if it is worth it to rebuild it. Can you please post a comment for him and let him know your thoughts (newer post on the site). Thanks, Craig
    20. plowin
      Bill I placed an ad in our classifieds section putting my 31 BHM harpoon boat up for sale, could you move the ad over to your downeast boats for sale list for me? I seem to think that someone looking for a boat would search there first. Thanks Michael ( aka plowin)
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