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    Whats the biggest boat you'd feel comfortable with by yourself in the mouth of the Merrimack?

    Had a 23' Parker center console, now have a 24' Eastern. No problems trailering, launching or running solo. Actually quite easy.
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    2009 Eastern 24' center console.

    So far really liking it. Came through mouth of the Merry Mac, tide was ripping out, kinda snotty, was really impressed/surprised how well it handled it. Found an "issue" with it under the deck. Brought it up to Eastern in Milton. They corrected it under warranty and had it back to me in a week...
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    27 H&H Bought !

    How much are you asking for the T Jason? That's a nice rig. You scared the shit out of me last summer. Snuck up on me when I was pulling my traps
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    Drag settings

    I set my Shimano 50 stand up gear 35 at strike. Biggest fish to date is 86". 35 minutes till it was at the boat.
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    2009 Eastern 24' center console.

    Picking it up tomorrow. Kind of pumped.
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    2009 Eastern 24' center console.

    Picking it up Thursday. How do they ride? Whats the thoughts on these? Seemed like a great deal so jumped on it before someone else did.
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    For what its worth, pogies in thick right off Salisbury.
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    23' Calvin Beal center console.

    Anyone have any info on these hulls?
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    2005 West Bay 31 - SOLD

    Nope. I'm still on here just looking at pictures. All I can afford at the moment.
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    2005 West Bay 31 - SOLD

    Love this. If my stocks do well next week I'll be down.
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    General Marine 22 in Dresden Blue

    If youy guys are giving rides I'd like to by a ticket. Love to get one of these.