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    WTB inflatable

    I had good luck on FB last week,it was new in the bag
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    35 Duffy Express $68000

    There's always been a ton of boats on the market with them they can't sell.I'm going to go out on a limb and check it next to a Cat 3116.
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    How would you compare the ride of a 38 Holland vs Duffy-BHM -NB

    I know it can be subjective ,just curious if the Holland ride is a bad as many say,Thanks
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    Why are Downeast boats more expensive then others?

    I'm a fan of DE boats and have owned a few.That said I wouldn't step off my Cabo and get on half the one's I see out on the bank some days.Plenty of nice ones,plenty that belong in a dumpster too........
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    Aftercooler service

    Therma-Flow ,Watertown ,Mass
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    Fuel Prices!

    I have a nice 35 Cabo for sale
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    Surveyor Recommendations Saco Area

    Looking for a recommendation for purchase survey,Thanks
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    30 Calvin Beal on West Coast 250k

    LOTTA CAKE,Pelosi model?
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    NOS JD 6068

    I had one in a 28 TJason years ago,great little engine
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    WTB 35-42 DE

    I got one for my sons to get them off my back,now I'm changing out my sporty going back to a DE.Not telling you my fishing numbers though..............
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    WTB 35-42 DE

    Looking to keep in 150k range.Decent finish ,minimal amenities ok
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    Terry Jason 35x15 hull

    I was looking for a meth lab in the background.
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    Boat slips Gloucester harbor

    You bet it's a great spot and not having to deal with a bar room near your slip and canal bridge is even better ...
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    1995 Fortier 26 Hardtop

    She's a nice boat ,glws