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Captain, from Harwichport MA

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Jan 26, 2020 at 2:35 AM
    1. vfalcon7
      Hello, I read you had your boat soda blasted. I was wondering how it came out? I bought a boat at the end of the summer and now want to remove and re gel coat the bottom. What type of surface does the soda leave? Thank you for any information you may share.
      Vinny 508 498 9558
      1. Downrigga
        Hi vinny, soda blasting leaves a perfect smooth surface behing. It will not damage the gelcoat. My hull looked like new on the bottom when i was done.
        Jan 4, 2020
      2. vfalcon7
        Do you have a guy you can recommend? I found one in southern RI, did not want to drive down there if I didn't have to. I live in Easton.
        Jan 4, 2020
    2. StowIt
      do you still have the Marsh Tacky 20' poles for sale. I'm outfitting the 38 flowers that I'm building at Cape Island. if available, what size base will they fit?
      1. Downrigga
        I just sold them to Larry Beckman in falmouth but the pole fit 1 7/ 8 " base.
        Nov 30, 2019
    3. David599
    4. chrishmcguire777
      Are you still willing to sell the 5 gallon pals of the fuel additive and cleaner? If so I am very interested. Please call (631)902-1408
    5. Magnarae
      Downrigga, I have a friend that is very interested in this boat. He is local. Could you possibly get his cell number to Ron? His name is Jack (516)639-7376.

      Thank you
    6. southshore30
      Hey I met your brother the other day on Nantucket. Recognized the boat from the profile picture but he said he's not on her and said he had a brother that probably was. I saw the boat steam by me at the Hanky last wed heading to the island. Beautiful rig from a a distance and even nicer up close

    7. Dave Wynn
      Dave Wynn
      Hey downrigga I'm interested in the 38 NB my cell number 201-390-7329. Please forward it to the right person. Thanks Dave
    8. jdickau484
      Looks like your inbox is full. I found that picture in the pictures section of the forum, third tab in from the left on the top of the forum, second page of albums. Shes a beaut, hope you dont mind i posted it.

    9. shoker
      Good evening, If your around on the boat this weekend, would you have any objection to me swinging down and having a look at your rig, I've admired it for a while. I have a 36 up the fish pier and know a few people down at Saquatuket and we've never crossed paths. Let me know I always have a 6 pack In the truck.
    10. Diesel Jerry
      Diesel Jerry
      Looking at some of your posts I am taking it that you work in fuel testing? Any info on non ethanol gas shelf life? Thank you
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