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  • Hey Dr Dude, Did you sell a F26 named "Gaffer" to a guy in North Carolina? Its listed up on Craigslist for $45.9k and was up last year as well. I corresponded with the seller and he mentioned he purchased it out of Michigan. Trying to connect the dots. I'm quite interested in it but want to see if I could get it down around $40k. Let me know if you know this boat. Thanks.
    22 x 18 Dyna Quad nibral....I get a good 17 kt at 2500 rpm.
    My boat is not rigged for tuna or chartering so I probably have a lot less weight to push then you do. My top RPM is 2850 w/ this prop.
    Hey dr dude had a quick question about your boat. Do you know off hand what you are running for a prop to get a 17kt cruise with the volvo? I cruise right around 13-14 with the same engine. The boat is very economical but seems a bit underproped. Thanks, jim
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