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Captain, from MA

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Feb 26, 2020 at 8:48 AM
    1. B1414
      I'm about to buy an eastporter, was wondering what the ride was like, boat as no spray rails, and a very small keel it looks like, boat needs some love it was build in 1989 so I'm hoping not a full rebuild like yours.

      Just want you opinion, i ride around in Maine and occasional get out 15 miles our so but huge the coast for the most part.
    2. Boat builder
      Boat builder
      Hey Eastporter, I am amazed at the way my hull and cap were attatched on my 24'. Is there any possible way you could send me a pic of under your cap by chance? Thx in advance-
    3. Eastporter
      Hi Bob,
      I'm wrapping up the boat this weekend but this spring you can come check out the boat. Post some photos and start a build thread. - Craig
    4. BobbyZ
      Hi Eastporter
      I just purchased a 1986 21 footer that needs decks, engine and wheel house.
      Your rebuild looks great , I plan on doing the same!
      I hoping I could look a yours and get some pointers.
      I am hoping to start in the spring and work on it thru the summer.
      My email is [email protected]
      Bob Zoebisch
    5. Eastporter
      Glad to hear you moved up to a T-Jason. Sweet boat! Swing by sometime, as I'd love to see it. I'm pulling my boat soon.
    6. fishtheblock
      Cruised by your eastport today didn't know you kept her off the circuit ave loop, looking good! I ended up taking your advice and repowered my Scotia with a Suzuki, was more than happy with the choice. Moved up to a 28' terry jason, she's on a mooring around the corner in hen cove.
    7. Eastporter
      Hi Jason,
      What year is your Eastporter? I believe HIN didn't become law until 1975 or so. Mine is a 1976 and I found the HIN on the title and on a small metal placard screwed to the bulkhead. It stated the maximum HP for 100 hp and I would agree with that. I have an 80 hp with heavy stringers/sole/transom with new hard top and goes 26 knots WOT. The new keel I added was worth it. I will post some photos in the spring. I'm also going to put lifting rails on the back 4' too.
    8. 20 eastporter
      20 eastporter
      Hi Eastporter, I have a 115hp Johnson with power trim and tilt and from what I have been seeing here I could be overpowered. What are your thoughts ( work being done: new deck with all new keel, stringers and frame work including transom. I am installing new poured foam under the entire deck. thanks, 20 eastporter
    9. 20 eastporter
      20 eastporter
      hi Eastporter I recently bought a 20' Eastporter lobster with a hard top and cannot find any hull numbers, I am redoing the keel and deck structure. would you know where to look there are no numbers on the transom. thanks, 20 Eastporter
    10. Eastporter
      Hi Jason,
      Glad to help. PM me with questions. Did you see my rebuild on the site? Do a search for 1976/2011 rebuild and it should pop up.
    11. mewoods
      Hi Eastporter, I just purchased a 20' Passamaquoddy lobster boat. Wanted to ask you a couple of questions regarding your rebuild. What is the best way to connect with you? Thanks, Jason
    12. fishtheblock
      Hey i have a vessel similar to yours and am in the middle of crunching numbers for a repower. After considering many motors i am pretty set on a 140 Suzuki. Are you happy with yours/ would you buy again? my cruise is the same as yours, have you run into any problems operating at mid range rpm's for extended periods of time?
      thanks for your time
    13. FrankT
      Eastporter, I'm looking at the boat posted on Craigslist in marston mills and seriously considering buying it. Obviously you own one, I was looking to get some info for you on these boats. I will be using it for river and I shore fishing along with the occasional stellwagon trip on calm days. Do they roll much? I notice no keel and a soft chine. What do you think of the price/condition of this boat? I have a small whaler and family is outgrowing it, looking for room/ nap spots,head space. Any info/ advice greatly appreciated.
    14. Eastporter
      Hi Short Step,
      I have a 80 hp Suzuki 4 stroke and it has plenty of power. I cruise at 14-15 knots (4000 rpm) and WOT is 23.5 knots. I have a hydrofoil that I want to put on due to bow high ride but waiting for 6 year warranty to finish first. I think you have plenty of power with a 85 hp motor.
    15. SHORT STEP
      what does your boat have for power ? min 20 eastporter has a 85 suzuki 2 strk , i think it needs more power but i dont want to lose the self bailing cruises around 10-12 kts.
      thanks for any help bob
    16. Eastporter
      Hi Capt. Tom,
      Do you have photos of your Eastporter? What are you doing to it?
    17. capttom36
      I also have a eastporter i am rebuilding , I belive it is one of the first ones
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