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    1. Ol Gilnetter
      Ol Gilnetter
      Hours? I didn't really keep track to be honest and it was all one long project keel work and engine swap, couple hours nightly then weekends for about 8 months. Lots of beer, lots of tyvek suits, lots of sanding discs., etc... but hours I don't really want to know, it was a lot. Maybe 8 months with nights and weekends, roughly 1200 hours, but you have to also take into bearing that not all hours are productive hours, plenty of them involved a cold beer and some head scratching to decide next move....
    2. Ol Gilnetter
      Ol Gilnetter
      Yes I saw the whole post, excellent looking setup. I once had a trailer for my boat, but it was home spun, by me and a buddy, and while it did tow behind my 2500 dodge, it was a white knuckler mission every time. If you can spare the change I would go 6.7. The 480 version or even the 425 would likley get you rolling 20 knots cruise. I can cruise at 20kts with my boat at about 70% load, and its pushing 19k lbs. The 6.7 and 5.9 are very similar footprints and weights, you will shave pounds easily if you have a 3208 in there now. I believe the 550hp 6.7 is same engine as the 425 & 480 just add $3K for each computer upgrade.... the torque on a 6.7 is fair bit better than a 3208, how much tip clearance you have with a 20" wheel? Might be able to run a low ratio gear and a lot of pitch, or start adding blades, 5 blade won't have the top end but cruise should be where it shines. Might be able get what you need without the fiberglass itch. I'll post up a few pics of engine install in my album.
    3. Ol Gilnetter
      Ol Gilnetter
      Went with the 6.7 because a friend with an alum boat fab company was building a couple crew boats with 6.7 twins, I'm an electrical contractor and he had a lot of electrical work done at his shop so he ordered an extra engine and I shrunk his bill for the electrical work, simple easy trade. The keel extension or whatever the formal name might be was really not that bad, a little daunting at first, but as long as you can lay fiberglass it goes pretty well and having a much larger wheel and rudder makes it a whole different boat. I'm no expert at it, but will certainly lend you any info I gained in my adventure.... Chris
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