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    Outriggers for the 21st century

    I used rupp top gun z30 outrigger bases mounted on the roof overhang on mine. We removed the core foam and built up with coosa board, glassed over then drilled through to mount the outrigger base. The rupp carbon fiber outriggers are only 18’ but there are some brands available that exceed 20’...
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    37 Duffy

    Needs more power unless super light. I run a d11 in mine. 20 knot cruise. Great boat when the sea aren’t so great.
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    Riding out a storm

    I can honestly tell you that on my first overnight to the canyons I did not pay attention to the weather forecast like I should of and I experienced one of the most frightful trips home. I am glad I was in a downeast hull vs. a planing hull on the way home. It was not pleasant but it really...
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    Custom Tackle Center

    Boat outfitters in Florida. Very good quality. They have standard sizes or will make something to fit a specific dimension.
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    Downeast aft cockpit shade ideas

    Birdsall Marine manufactures extendable poles with pulley blocks that will fit into rod holders. I’m thinking of buying a pair. Looks fairly simple to install a tarp and they can be stowed away when not in use.
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    WTB Duffy 31

    Try Atlantic Boat in Brooklin, ME. They store a few over the winter and work on them. Might be someone interested in selling one.
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    Yanmar 6LY3-STP

    I owned one with same engine and ran it at 2800, 400 off the top all the time. My boat seemed to run great at that rpm making 19-20 knots. Never had an issue with the engine after 2600 hrs. Great boat. Good luck
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    Underwater lights

    Lumishore units work very well.
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    Deck colour on new build

    Awlgrip whisper grey.
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    Baitwell intake

    Can anyone suggest the type of screen to place over the intake for an 1.5" baitwell pump. I tried a wedge type screen but the baitwell pump loses suction after around 15 kts. Tried with the same wedge style screen turned the other way and the water just blasted through the pump and out of the...
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    Some DE Pics

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    Insurance help - what are coastal waters?

    I believe coastal waters would be inside of 12 miles. With CG licenses there a multiple definitions for the same term that are applied differently depending upon the your license. We have construction equipment that are typically depreciated over five years and large trucks that are normally...
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    Honest Opinions

    Touché! Let's move on
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    38 wesmac

    Nice looking ride. Best of luck
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    Another cummins question.... qsb vs. qsc

    QSC, no question. Bullet proof.