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Bass River, Mass

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Captain, from Bass River, Mass

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Feb 16, 2020 at 3:11 AM
    1. m williams
      m williams
      The engine I think has 2500 hrs never herd of styer diesel before
    2. James4
      My current boat is a 25 Grady white (1996 voyager with a 2008 yamaha 250, new canvas garman 5012, windlass etc. Great boat for a fisherman but I don't fish ...I like cruse slowly along coastal long island sound ...so a down east feels lisle the right boat ...plus everyone knows life is too short for an ugly boat .....

      The interesting thing about the boat I am looking at is the comparable boats are all set up for fishing ...and priced many thousands lower....but this boat as the fly bridge teak electronics etc....

      Looking at it next week ...if reality matches the pictures (rare in this world Iknow) I will likely move forward with negotiating ...survey s etc...
    3. captainlarry84
      Thanks I enjoy sharing what I now with people like you. The price will be dropping again once in the water....
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