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  • hey .vin,aweigh again , i have been reading old posts on i/o s and think i better stay away,i dont need a headache. its too bad ,this boat is nice.
    hey vin, i am looking at a 22 webbers cove hardtop. its a pretty nice one ,2002 the only drawback is that its an i/o ,but i am still thinking about it. do you think i am steering down the wrong road on an i/o? i went to fall river twice to check out that other webber,but couldnt pull the money trigger and someone else got it.
    hey Vin, Ted burdacki(Aweigh Again) here,I read that you got a 22webbers cove,and i am curious about it.
    There is another one for sale that got my attention. If you have a couple of minutes,would you mind calling me .I have a couple of questions about it, Thanks -Ted 203 237 1326
    I saw that you posted about a Sisu 22 project that is buried somewhere in CT. Do you have any more info on the boat?
    I started a thread asking about CAD drawings? I was told you are a source of info. What would it cost to have some drawings of a skiff on graph paper put into a formal, more detailed CAD form?
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