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Jeff, call me at 907-942-5301 if u want info on that Duffy Oct 14, 2018

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Jun 10, 2019
    1. Kodiakan
      Jeff, call me at 907-942-5301 if u want info on that Duffy
    2. Kodiakan
      I gave him my number for you. Give me a call a little later. I’m taking a drive with the Mrs now
    3. jescola
      Hi, My broker, Mike Mcvay, mentioned you may have some info/thoughts on the Duffy 35 in Sitka.I'm having it surveyed and trying to figure out how much a project I'm willing to undertake. If you do have any info, I'm interested in hearing more.
    4. Kodiakan
      Would love to see pics of the repower. The end product shows the quality of work. Theres a few Roberts around my area. I could see me rebuilding one, especially when I retire in a couple of years.
    5. Ol Gilnetter
      Ol Gilnetter
      Thank you, lots of hours and lots of fiberglass dust.... but she's worth it, no longer fishing, she just crusies around San Juan's in WA, maybe a pole or two on board and cooler of beer. I'll post up some pics of the repower, needed more wheel for the HP and the keel was extensively redone to go from 20" to 26" diameter
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