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    1. jsakovits
      would you mind giving me a call ? Looking to buy a 35 to 38 ' downeast boat.

    2. Madchark
      Glad to hear that you are getting closer. My yanmar is the 420 hp and can cruise at the 20 knot pace no problem and plenty of power. I have the yanmar due to it being one of the lowest profile motor to keep the house deck height as low as possible. Good luck with the build. Talk soon.
    3. TedFJ40
      Todd hope you and your family are doing well. I am getting closer to pulling the trigger on the 33 build with Kenny. I'm thinking engine in the 425 hp range. Maybe as low as 380 or as high as 480 but not sure. I don't need to win any races and would rather have a good reliable engine which is efficient when fuel prices rise again. If I can get a cruise at 18-20 it's id be happy. Any thoughts? Do you have enough power? My build weight would probably be similar to yours. Any advice would be helpful.
    4. goin4broke
      Todd I was wondering who hauled your 33 Flowers down from Maine.
    5. Tunatown
      How you doing my name is Sean I was told you a good guy to talk with I'm going to have flowers build a 33 for me and was looking to have some input on the boat pros or cons any thing you might recommend how muck hp do you have ect thanks
    6. Surfishingboy
      Hey todd im on long island. Ill post pictures up in an hour or two.
    7. Palawanbound
      Todd,Hows it going?I had a weak moment a bit ago & talked to Ken,I am thinking of doing a 33ft & of course with an outboard!I didn't do very well this past season,only caught around 10,000 of lobsters but I was sick so much I missed out on the 3 best months.I still have traps out but nothing big,200 pounds for me is a good day.If I don't sell the boat I was thinking of making a trip to the cape this spring do some playing before the season,maybe we can hook up.Had to give up commercial clammin,everytime I pulled the flats over a big bulge would come out on my gut,it's not a hernia but the docs don't know what it is so I only go to get some to eat.Good luck & let me know how things are going.
    8. Madchark
      Glad hear that that you things are going well.

      The boat came out a few weeks ago and only a couple small items to prep for next season. I just secured a local finfish license that is pretty hard to get in state. will be able to land fluke, sea bass, scup and also horseshoe crab. Will be a busy spring in hopes to pay off the investment.

      Good luck with the mods on the keel and hope the winter goes well for you.
    9. Palawanbound
      How's things going?We have our share of snow & it is snowing now!I have 320 lobster traps still out & as sson as I can they are coming home.I have to fix the keel on my boat,it's to big & is working against my outboard,trial & error but we plan on rolling the boat upside down,cut the kel completely off then fabricate one that we will fiberglass to the bottom,should be an interesting project!I was going to buy a 350 Yamaha but I am able to get 23kts now with my 225 Honda so I am looking at getting the new 250 Honda or maybe the new 300 offshore Yamaha,that should give me a good 20 kt cruise with out the engine workin it's ass off.
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