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    1. fishtheblock
      Hey saw in the listing of your boat it said it had AC/Heat? if your tj isn't the old Hannah Marie disregard
    2. fishtheblock
      Glad to hear it got to love 3mpg on the water. I think its me being slightly over propped as to why our cruise numbers are different. You carry 40 more gallons of fuel than me as well. I don't have any trim issues but i did use the rope trick on my old boat before i put trim tabs on, let me know how it goes. I'm out of cove haven in the Narragansett bay but stay/fish out of the boat basin on block more often than not. Catch em up
    3. fishtheblock
      Ya that pic was on my fathers boat. Made 3 offshore runs on the TJ so far, this boat can raise fish. TJ running like a top and a great offshore platform. Planing on my first overnighter on the edge next week with her, most likely the dip/tails area.
      My only complaint is the deck drainage.
      How'd your overnighter go
    4. steeple845
      Yes. Call me at 603-953-5515
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