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    1. PirateDave
      Sigh ! When Deb saw the size of my fish she said she thought I had a big one....................................... Story of my life
    2. PirateDave
      Hey Rick,

      The hull truth has a guy restoring a Midland 1976 on page two. Lots of pictures and details I thought you might find interesting. Say hi to Deborah for me.

    3. chuggy
      Rampage - what kind of boat do you have? Looks like a BHM?
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    4. RAMPAGE88
      Hey Christina. Feel free to use the pictures for your publication. I'm flattered that you would want to use them & if you do, please forward me information on how I can view, or obtain a copy of your book. Please note that I do not own, or know the owners of any of the vessels photograpghed, therefore can't speak for any concerns they may have...........Have a nice day & thanks for the compliment.
    5. ChristinaLemieux
      Hey there,

      My name is Christina and I wanted to say thanks for sharing your pictures from this year's Moosabec races. Really great shots. I keep a blog about lobster fishing in DE Maine and would love to, with your permission, include several of your photos on my blog. Is this something you'd be open to? If not, no worries!

      I was just going to say in the blog post that the races happened last weekend, that the weather was beautiful, include some memories from my trip to the races last year and stories from past Moosabec races (just wrote a book on lobster fishing in DE Maine with a section on lobster boat races) and say here are some pictures from an attendee at this year's races.


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