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  • Nice I saw that boat in the Hudson a lot great boat. Look forward to seeing her on the bay. I run my boat out of Bay Shore I'm sure I'll be seeing you out there
    The gunnels are low and so is the roof on the wheel house. Gunnels came up just below my knees. If your around 6 foot, I think you will be hitting your head a lot. If you look at the boat, give an extra look at the keel by the rudder. To me it looked like there may have been some work done. Broker claims there was no damage and it was just growth. My inlaws live down in the area. They lost their house during Sandy. I know many boats in the area were damaged. I think its a good boat if the price comes down some considering the low hours and the hull. My main turnoffs were the gunnels, wheel house and the broker BSing me about the owner being in town. I made the trip because I ws expecting to talk with the owner. The owner winters in Florida, so I would make sure they will be present. I would also want to make sure there was not any storm damage to the boat. I just had a bad feeling deeling with the broker. Good Luck
    Hi, how bad was that Northern Bay in NJ? I'm thinking of making the trip, what are some of the issues? How low were the gunnels, knee high or lower? I can see a few issues from the pictures, but dont want to waste a day going to check this rig out. Appreciate your time!
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