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Oct 28, 2011
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South Shore Boatworks


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Apr 14, 2019 at 6:08 PM
    1. 05bill
      Hi Bob, hope all is well with you. Please take a look at that 38 Young bros hull and motor on forum. What are your thoughts ? Does it make sense to rebuilt her into a cruiser ?
      If so lets discuss.


      1. South Shore Boatworks
        South Shore Boatworks
        If the hull is sound and the engine in runnable condition then it is a good start. If you can get a molded top then it makes sense . It would add value
        Sep 24, 2018
    2. 05bill
      Hi Bob, hope all is well with you. We talked about perhaps building out a boat. Well I am looking at that BHM, 36 that I guess everyone else is looking at. I am going to see it tomorrow, I would be interested in you giving me a quote to finish it off. I guess its a bare bones boat . How best to proceed ?

      your thoughts sir ?

    3. Jerzy54
      Bob it was very nice chating with you, thanks.
    4. Jerzy54
      Hi, thanks for the info about the keel. I will call you this weekend if this is good with you.
      I have a few questions regarding that engine.
    5. dvonweken
      I'm looking for someone who can tell me where I can get SS corners made for my 32' downeaster know of anyone?
    6. ReelE84
      Thank you for your advise on the harris cuttyhunk stringers, I used marine plywood instead of Coosa , for the amount i needed I could not bring myself to buy a full sheet of 1 1/2 at 600.00 , I think it's stronger than original. Thanks Henry
    7. pyrofan
      Hi Bob,
      I'm still trying to learn how to scan some pics of the HAZEL and some of the Midland boats to download to the forum. When you get a chance send me the address of where she is now.
      Al Wilcox
    8. jsakovits
      I ended up passing. By the time I got more feedback on checking the amount of glass in the stringers they already moved the boat back to their dock and have since removed the bridge for transport. I think if I did not have my back against the wall with weather would have had more time to have someone else look at it. It was a very nice boat and if there was not the stringer issue would have been the opportunity of a life time..and the boat of my dreams. Have gotten tired of trying to find a downeast boat for $65K and have stated to look at some of the diesel combi fishing boats..Thanks again for your input
    9. backman
      I'll give you a call Monday to talk about a rudder. I assume the Dennis Shop that can do the shaft is Turnwright.

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