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    1. PatriciaLynn
      Steve, looking for info on electric haulers if you get a minute. 207 200 1092
    2. Crazy Ivan
      Crazy Ivan
      Steve just curious if you sold your h and h yet? I’ve been trying to sell my 26 Duffy off and on for 2 years with no final takers yet.
    3. Double G
      Double G
      I would like to speak to you about
      29' h & h
      I'm looking at one used to have a 31 BHM
      And ran a 31 Jc for few years
    4. PinWheel
      Your Boat is Awesome!!!
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    5. hntrss
      Thanks Steve. I can copy it easy enough. Forgot you were back in AK
    6. F/V Risky Business
      F/V Risky Business
      Thanks Steve, we found some out of Florida. Was up in Conn. the last 3 days.
    7. steveinak
      CS thanks for getting the meas for me.
    8. CSFISH
      The diameter of the flaker roller was 10.5 inches. Sorry that I dont have a pic yet, my phone takes shitty pics and I keep forgetting the camera
    9. F/V Risky Business
      F/V Risky Business
      Yeah ok,No problem
    10. steveinak
      Hi Hunter,
      Yup i did see it but been a bit busy so i'll reply as soon as i get a little bit of time. I'd like to ask you a couple of questions on whats going on back there.
    11. F/V Risky Business
      F/V Risky Business
      Hello Steve, I sent you a PM. Just joined so not sure if it went through. In reply saying hello to my Dad.
    12. reelrampage35
      Hi Capt Steve
      Was wondering if you were happy with your 29 H and H. Looking to possibly buy one and while a 32 would be nice. I dont really want to go that big the 29 would be a perfect size for me as I tend to fish alone or with only 1 or 2 other guys. Would like to put some horsepower behind it also minimum 350 up to 400 so I can have a 20-21 knot cruise. Usually fish in 3-4 ft to 3-5 ft seas. Anything bigger than that i have friends with much larger downeast boats. Also looking to have 200 gallons of fuel so I can get out to the canyons. Was wondering what size tanks you have the shaft on the boat, pretty sure you have a 300 hp Deere in it. The split wheel house you did came out awesome and the shots you posted seem like the boat is real big for a 29 Ft boat. Any help would be greatly appreciated
      Thanks Eric
    13. steelguy
      Steve, I just posted a new thread on the work we have done to our boat you might, or might not!!, want to read. Take care and hope all is well
      PS - your shrimp/prawn bait is sick!!!!! Our first 3 trap pull gave 3 of us more than we could eat in 5 days. We litterally brought back one gallon of cleaned and BBq'd tails for a friend in town. Very excellent and thanks!
    14. winterking
      Hi Steve! Thanks for all the info, just seen your reply for some reason it didn't show up on my page, I looked at your page and seen it. It's Sunday morning here. I'll take a peek at that gear to see if theirs stuff I can use, I really appreciate your willingness to help, thank you so much! I have a bunch of mowing to do today on the farm I live at before I leave for NC, I'll give you a holler tonight east coast time.
      Thanks, Tom
    15. steveinak
      I've been gone so long i don't know if any of my contacts are still in the business. I'd look at the north channel of the river the marina/docks on the north side of the north channel might have something for ya. If you see a lobster boat named the Baby Doll talk the the guy that owns it Joe Horvath he's a old time friend of mine and will know how to get in contact with the guy that runs that marina. Call me on my cell 907 775-1692, have you seen the used gear a guy in anchorage is selling ? he has a ad on the Copper River Boats website his name is Luck Hall, i knew his dad Larry who passed away a few years ago, he fished CI and PWS they have some nets, web, reels and other gear for sale also that might help ya get the boat rigged for here. If you want me to go and look get pictures of any of the stuff let me know its all in town. If you bought any of it i can store it here at the house for ya till you get here.
    16. winterking
      Howdy Steve! Hope things are well!
      I'm going to hattaras next week to run the boat north, was just wondering if you have any suggestions on where to keep it, was thinking about your contacts in the shark river? Anyhow I'll let you know how things go, I'm working today but I want to call you next week about hanging cook inlet gillnets or maybe we should be talking dogs! You can come here and we 'll fish em off my boat!
      Talk to you soon
      Tom LaRose
    17. steveinak
      sure no problem, my cell is 907-775-1692. i should be around all day on monday, call after noon if possible. What size are you looking for and what are you going to use it for.
    18. Teaserhead
      Hey Steve ! Thanks for replying. I am looking for a DE boat and want some unbiased opinions on hulls and finishers. It looks to me like you are knowledgable on this subject! I don't feel like I am going to get honest answers to my questions on the forum. I'm wondering if you would be willing to email me your phone # at [email protected]? Thanks.
    19. chasmoe
      Mass. officials push for federal aid for fishing industry bill brown on necn news
    20. steveinak
      Good, let me know how they fish for ya. Don't let them set to long, i haul mine about every 2-3 hours.
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