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Captain, from Southwestern CT

Post some pics- quite a bit of them on the forum or at least knowledge of them. Nov 14, 2017

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    1. Toolate
      Post some pics- quite a bit of them on the forum or at least knowledge of them.
    2. Toolate
      Never really weighed it so I would be guessing sorry....
    3. steelguy
      Good evening Ben, I have a Sisu 30' and am planning on having a new trailer built for it. The builder in Wrangell, Alaska, where my boat is located, has asked what the weight is and I thought you might have a good idea of that. Thanks, Rob
    4. Toolate
      20x18 is fine with light load but 17 is where I have to go to get it just right.
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    5. Pwpcaa
      Hello toolate. It's pwpcaa I was doing gasser repower the mercruiser in installed.
      Starting to figure out prop. You mentioned 20x20 and thought you were over proped
      Thought of trying 20x18. Did you change ?
      Any other thoughts are appreciated. Phil proctor
    6. Toolate
      ZF 630a 2.5: 1. Have realized that I am overpropped though. Think I will go down to 20x18 or so. Still have to verify that my tach is correct.
    7. Pwpcaa
      Hello again Toolate. What marine gear and what reduction did you use when you repowered
      Thanks Pwpcaa
    8. Toolate
      Much of this is in my thread but here is short list (its late):
      -383 (6.2) mercruiser stroker mpi
      -20x20 but I think its overpropped so will probably end up at 20x18
      -1 1/2 shaft needed thin wall cutlass bearing to fit in 2" stern tube
      -no lifting rails but wish I did. She runs a little bow down at cruise
      -volvo tabs work well but per comment above, I really dont need them except for leveling

      Post some pictures and start a thread. There are a few members with this hull and we would all love to see yours. I think its more engine than the boat needs because cruise is really comfortable at about 16 kts/3500 rpm and wot is maybe 20 kts so it doesnt matter how much power you put into it its not going to be a 20 kt cruise. Hull speed is too low.

      Please post some pics and ask a few questions. Ben
    9. Pwpcaa
      Hello. I am a new member with a sisu 30 thatI am going to repower.
      Current power is a GM 8.2 fuel mizer diesel
      I want to go gas mercruiser 320 hp efi
      I have been following your project and I have a few questions
      Size of engine you re powered with?
      Prop diameter and pitch.
      What marine gear and reduction?
      What shaft diameter?
      Can you give me a rundown of how your boat performs after repower.
      Did you install lifting rails?
      How do the volvo penta tabs work?
      I was amazed when you were doing a similar repower.
      Spoke to Even Keel ,they think the gas engine will work well in the boat
      Thanks in advance for your thoughts. Pwpcaa
    10. Toolate
      Message me all you want! thats not what I meant. I think you will get more competent/complete help though from the group. Amazing depth here really.

      I know your boat- cant wait to get mine done and in the water.... soon enough i guess.
    11. 55andoutt
      Sounds good thanks Ben .i will post on general site from now on . I will add photos as well. Mine is the green flybridge with the yanmar . It's cool to see the photos of your boat . There like twins but mine does not have a back wall and door to salon . Just snap in canvas with isinglass or screens . Thanks again Ben . I saw a photo of you lowering the motor in .always a good day Mike
    12. Toolate
      You take an Allen key and put the long end in the drill chuck. Then insert the end in the hole and turn the drill on so the end of the Allen wrench rotates and eats all the balsa core out around the hole. Need to move it in a circle and make sure its clean then pack the hole with hull and deck putty then re-drill and bolt up using whatever sealant you like (I used 4200).

      I would really post these things- people love to see pics and help out. Plus you come out on top usually. I would love to see your boat at least.

      All that aluminum should be bonded via the mounting bolts and if they are pitted and raw now should probably get a zinc to save what is left. Mine are bronze brackets with SS pipes so no issues yet anyway.

      Good luck!

    13. 55andoutt
      Hi , I just realized you replied . Thank you and no I do not know the Allan key drill trick .i would love to hear it. I oversized the hole a little and put a few coats of west system on then 5200 . I should post it for all to see .i just didn't know how to get your attention on the general forum . I have a swim platform with aluminum brackets . They are getting eaten up by electrolysis. Does your boat have the same and if so are the brackets bonded ? Thanks in advance ,Mike. How is your boat coming along?
    14. Toolate
      Yes, my '84 is cored to the point where the hull starts to make a turn to form the keel so way down. I learned here how to de-core and fill with an Allen wrench in a drill. Know what you are doing with this?
    15. 55andoutt
      Hi I'm getting ready to drill a hole in the bottom of my hull for a macerator pump . Do you know if the hulls are cored or solid below the waterline? I remember reading they were solid below the waterline. Thanks ,Mike
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