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Nov 17, 2019
Apr 24, 2012
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Captain, from westbrook ct

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Nov 17, 2019
    1. david
      Just wandering what make your hull is sharp looking hull. Thank You
    2. frobo.1
      hey tuckerman that is a nice looking boat in your profile. What is it
    3. Gatehill
      Hi, you were recommended as someone who may be able to help me. I have a 1981 19ft Seaway center console in Branfird, CT. It's s great boat but it's time for it to be refurbished, eg, refiberglassed in spots, repainted, relocate gas tanks, rewired, new windshield and wood trim needs repair. Is this something that you would undertake? Please let me know. Greg
    4. Waypoint 133
      Waypoint 133
      Hi Dave. I'm Rob who lives up the road from you with the Tripp 22. I started cutting out my leaky gas tanks last fall and then started a new company this winter. No time to finish what I started. Lizzie Davidson said that I might be able to hire you to finish the job. Any interest? She's sitting in my yard (the boat, not Lizzie) 203-915-7828
    5. aweigh again
      aweigh again
      thanks tuckerman
    6. Tuckerman
      Ted , I've only had bad luck with CT Soda blasting and have heard numerous horror stories about them. Ferrow sounds like a good way to go. I've used a guy named Bob Thayer a couple of times and was very happy. Here is his number..(860) 847-0692
    7. aweigh again
      aweigh again
      hi, this is aweigh again, the guy with the sisu22,at the madison gas station.i am thinking about having my bottom paint removed ,and going with a barrier coat, and new paint. i noticed an old thread ,where you have used different bottom blasters. could you tell me what or who worked for you. the farrow blasting system seems like the way to go now, but since you have experience in having this done,i thought I would ask. thanks, ted burdacki, .
    8. Fvdestiny
      stopped by today shop all closed up
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