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Apr 24, 2012
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Wharf Rat

Captain, from City Island, NY

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Jan 27, 2020 at 4:33 PM
    1. StowIt
      Hi Chris, sent an email to company site regarding an AP issue on a NB 38. Please look out for it.
    2. 05bill
      Hi Wharf Rat, replacing a uniden polaris that wont transmit on hi, no idea why, however considering replacement with new vhf with ais, gps and dimensions of h-3.07,w-7.24, l-6.61.

      dimensions are important.

      thank you sir.

      1. Wharf Rat
        Wharf Rat
        Sent you a PM, I never really check this page but for whatever reason did! I think I have the perfect solution for you! Talk on Monday!
        Jul 13, 2019
    3. fortier256
      Best way to reach you? Would like to purchase auto pilot.
      1. Wharf Rat
        Wharf Rat
        Sorry for the delay, I never see this page but checked it today. Sent you a PM with best contact info, etc. Talk next week!
        Jul 13, 2019
    4. the_Bartender
    5. StowIt
      I'd like to put a display in the cockpit. I'll probably go with a Simrad suite of products but I just found a supplier that has a 19" furuno MU190 HD for $5795., which seems a lot cheaper than a simrad NSO would there be a compatibility issue between the simrad suite and this furuno display. I wouldn't think so but wanted to ask.
    6. Cookie
      Im Looking for a stand alone Plotter GPS Nothing crazy, Just fish cape cod bay, 9" screen min any recommendations.
    7. Thomas
      Got sick last year have a 28 Terry Jason wondering what would be the best fit for autopilot my number 252 4 to 2 6040 would appreciate some help wanting to go ahead and purchase one I'll be heading down to the boat in about a week have an Hynautic steering number own cylinder plunger k51n
      Hey chris it’s Paul- looking to borrow an AP22 . My cell # is 631-255-4840 . Thanks again for the help , I look forward to hearing from you .
    9. following c
      following c
      Hi Chris, I purchased a rudder feedback from you for a Robertson AP 45 in 2015, I’m Getting a rudder feedback failAnd it’s going into S.I.M Mode. I spoke to simrad technical Support and they told me I need a frequency meter to check this. I opened up the unit and everything looks fine inside I have 12 V going to it, anyway to test this? I don’t have a frequency meter
    10. traditions
      Chris., Do you have any ideas as to why the heading marker on my maxsea would not be working? It was working on my lobster boat, and I put the computer on my dragger, and it doesnt work. I have two computers with the program installed, and one of them I have never been able to get to work, but this one has always had it, and I am used to it being there
      1. Wharf Rat
        Wharf Rat
        Sorry for the late response, I don't get any notifications if someone posts here. Do you have heading data coming in over NMEA0? Would usually come from the autoplilot output. Although you COG vector should work ,right click the vessel icon and you should be able to toggle it on, or go up to the top middle menu and select MODE, , enable COG/SOG vector.
        Jan 27, 2018
    11. Billyclub
      Hi Chris, Glenn here(Billyclub). I sent you an email a few days ago and want ted to reach out to you on the forum. We talked last fall about the radar for my HDS8. We determined tbhat the Lopwarance 3kw would work just fine. Can you message me so we can get a price and get this ordered. Or you can email me at [email protected]
      Thanks Chris, talk with you soon.
    12. osprey47
      Chris, Osprey47 (Joe) here. I am planning on adding autopilot to my BHM36 currently with National Marine dual cylinder quadrant, a Chr-Lynn steering pump and 14gal hydraulic tank and Faria rudder angle indicator. I am looking at Simrad AP28 with AC42, RC42 and an RP160 pump.
      Three questions: Can I expect any complications with installation/operation given the steering system? I am located in Chesapeake Bay; can you recommend someone to do the installation? and, finally, Can you beat Defender pricing? Thanks! joe
    13. Dogbar
      Hi Chris, Dogbar(Jim) here. can you give me any info on Garmin Panoptix? Seems like lots of freshwater use but not much when I look for offshore. The Garmin guys aren't much help either. Give me a call or email at [email protected] Thanks Jim
    14. Seaweags
      chris hi my name is craig question for you. I have a furuno sounder 585 with a 600watt transducer wife bought me an armar b26 50khz-ae&200khz-bh pn 41-282-1-01 customer part # 526TID-HDD for xmas supposedly its a thousand watt .question is this I want to put a sounder in cockpit as well as the one on helm,can I run two sounders on this new transducer if so do I need to find another 585 or what can I upgrade to that will work. or do I just buy a new machine for this transducer an leave the other set up alone . really hoping to just pull old one out not crazy about drilling another hole in bottom plus I hear ill have interference between the two pls help thanks again craig
    15. following c
      following c
      Hi Chris, this is Following C my name is Chris also. I have a robertson Ap 45 autopilot and I am in need of a new rudder feedback model RF 45. Wondering if you might have access to one. New on eBay over $600, maybe a rebuilt unit?
    16. SemperFishBoston
      I see that garmin has come out with its latest line and I was wondering what happened to all the old working display stuff that everyone has replaced. I have a 4212 now and would like something similar in size so I can run charts and sonar on different screens but I don't really have it to kick in for a new one. Do these get wholesaled somewhere? Can you pick these up on the cheap?

    17. CaptainJP
      Shopping for a price on a furuno 1945 6kw with a 4' open array, thought I'd see what your price was, thanks....JP
    18. worldcat2005
      Chris did you get my email address for the quote??here it is again [email protected] thanks Rob
    19. Bpd92
      Chris, wanted to reach out to you for some advice/pricing on doing an electronic upgrade. I am thinking of purchasing/installing 2 garmin 1040xs and the gcv10 sounder along with a radome either 18 or 24. Any advice would be recommended. I like the down vu capability and the chirp technology. Thank you, Brian Dailey
    20. toolmaker
      do you have the internal battery for the Northstar 952
      thx, Toolmaker
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