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Apr 24, 2012
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Wharf Rat

Captain, from City Island, NY

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Jan 18, 2020 at 9:23 AM
    1. oldshell55
      check out thread "LED" lighting, last page , from oldshell, precision . thanks for getting the lights for john at al/johns for me. their good people. Al is top shelf outboard mechanic, second generation, who takes care of my Evinrude's, his father (RIP) did work for me in the 70's, loyalty is everything to me as you will see. The AP works great and as planned does the work of driving the boat while I do other task's, I think i'll call it jose'. call me when the furuno is in. thanks Larry
    2. working girl
      working girl
      hey cris,how ya been,,,still looking for a tv and a fixed phone set-up,,,also need to talk to ypu about the fcv1150 settings i'll call you this week....paul
    3. Capt Rich
      Capt Rich
      Hi Chris
      It's Richie,F/V BARBS
      I'm in the market for a new VHF
      You suggested one last I saw you, but I don't remember which.
      Let me know , and I'll come pay a visit.
    4. 31jcptown
      i see you posted you work on northstar gps i have a 951 that the postion button is not working do you work on them
    5. Keeper
      can you send me the tracking number for my Si-Tex order? Have not seen it yet.
    6. jim
      I was wondering if you could help me.Im looking for the most affordable way to get real time sea surface temp charts at sea. I have basic electronics such as navnet on board the boat I just purchased but no computer system.
    7. Capt Rich
      Capt Rich
      Hi Chris ,
      This is Rich with the BARBS.
      I'm looking to get a dsm 30 or 300 for my
      Older model ray marine head. Also loo king for a
      Transducer but not sure which one.
      You can call or text 5167087822 thanks
    8. Del
      Wharf Rat Chris -
      I would like to send you a note about my MFD needs and ask for your recommendations/quotes, but it is close to 3K char. rather than the 1K limit here. Do we have another option?
      Del Banners
      Suttons Bay, Michigan
    9. tunamojo
      Hi Chris,
      Hey do you sell PSU012 Furuno radar power box? Wanna send me a quote on one if you do.
      Thanks, Chris Peterson
    10. Wharf Rat
      Wharf Rat
      Sorry for the delay, we close the last week of December and come back on Jan 3rd, and have been putting together all the boat show paperwork along with ALL the end of the fiscal year reports and have been just swamped. There is the issue we spoke about with the C140W's 'Uniball' control that I can't stand, plus the lack of factory availability, and I'm waiting on 2013 pricing to drop so I can see where we stand. I have in mind a few options, but would like to speak a little bit more to put together some solid package ideas to get you the solid pricing on the Boat Show program, which is the first week of Jan. When you get this, please call me on my cell at 914-433-0249. I'm home now, had to head North to spend a few days with the family. The key is getting you a 1kw transducer and sounder setup that will provide the best performance at the depths you'll be fishing. Talk to you in a bit,

    11. Bpackish
      Any luck or ideas for what I'm trying to accomplish?
    12. plowin
      Chris I am in the midst of a neww build and am interested in a Raymarine C140w package with 1000watt sounder module, 12 degree thru hull bronze transducer, 4Kw open array HD radar and all applicable cables and backbones. First, what are we looking at for cost and second how can I expect the performance to be with the sounder in water 250-450 ft deep, the radars performance in general and the plotter as it speaks to bathymetrics. I am a harpoon fisherman for Bluefin tuna and I need to stay on the edges. Thanks in advance Mike The builder will be installing all of this as he has done it multiple times(if it matters)
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