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Captain, from NJ

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    1. WIDGEON
      Hi Winterking, been admiring pictures of your boat. I love the mast. Could you possibly get me dimensions, just the height and a few more pictures. I have a South Shore 30 and I think something like that would look good on my boat.
      1. winterking
        Hi Jim , I’ll take some measurements tomorrow. Will take a few pics as well.
        Thanks Tom
        Jan 15, 2019
    2. winterking
      28" wheel, I was told 28x28, I have no idea as I can't find any numbers on the wheel
    3. winterking
      My name is Tom btw, if you ever want to talk my phone number is 907-399-3477, I love the boat it's not speedy but I've never been on a more rock solid beast in my life
    4. winterking
      Hi Clammer, my boat has 3:1 gear in it, I haven't used the boat much since I got it, however I ran it up from hattaras nc to nj, I cruised at 2400 making 14-15 knots 7-8 gallons an hour. The boat was light as all the gillnett gear was removed, it weighs 14k, the guy I bought it from said they would load it with 8 to 10k of fish thus the reason for the 3:1 gear, I was told that it would haul the weight pretty efficiently. Which seems in line with what your prop guy is saying. I have 3208 320 horse, hope this helps
    5. clammer64
      Hello Winterking, I came across a post saying that you own a 31 Bhm with a 3:1 gear ratio in it. If not please disregard, but if you do, could you share your hp ,prop, and performance #'s? I have a 3:1 behind a 3208 375 hp now in my 31 Bhm and it's about 24,000# loaded-and am doing a total rebuild on the motor. I was told go to a 2:1 if I wanted any speed but prop guys tell me my 3:1 is the most efficient because of my weight. Any info would be much appreciated-Ernie
    6. F/V Risky Business
      F/V Risky Business
      That sucks about the trailer. Good luck hope everything comes together soon for you.
    7. winterking
      hey Hunter, I finished the reel, was supposed to take delivery on the trailer on the fifth of may, am still waiting, I'll be lucky if it all comes together, I'll let you know how it goes.
    8. F/V Risky Business
      F/V Risky Business
      How'd you'd make out with your drum ? Are you headed west yet?
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