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    Tuna boat

    more like 30 seconds. The tuna fleet has been for sale for 20 years, this will be the third recession, yet somehow it keeps growing
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    headhunter inbound

    love that video. Andy can build 'em to go fast if the owner wants it that way! How fast were you running there cap, I'd guess 25-26 kts
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    35’ Mitchell cove shop boat build

    Nice option aside from MAN and CAT in this hp range, for the rec crew. Would be interested to see a torque curve on the 1150 vs the 900. Interested to see if it makes sense in a 42-46 footer to jump up to the higher output rating
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    Caterpillar 8.7

    this is a rebranded FPT/ Iveco Cursor 8.7L engine. F/V Destiny on here put one in his boat several years back at the 620hp rating, if I recall correctly. Albemarle is putting them into their 41' express boat as well. So not just for pods......
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    40’ h & h VS. 36’ bhm

    If I were going to buy a skeg boat it would likely be an H&H. If you look at the bow section it carries the V further aft than other Beal or skeg designs before flattening out. I think that provides a better headsea ride than other designs, personally.
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    Fuel Prices!

    it is a mildly annoying cold that much less than that figure will end up getting, the mortality rate will be equal or less than seasonal flu. The reaction by government authorities at all levels and market practitioners has been so incompetent it's terrifying. The issue is no longer what is...
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    Need a 20knt boat

    I don't have the book with me but from Maine Lobsterboats I think it was either Spencer Lincoln or Mac Pettegrow who said "the boats can take much more abuse than the man can". If a DE hull is finished stout she'll take anything you can throw at her at surprisingly high speeds. Unless you're...
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    Northern Bay Sale

    new boats are what they are, and that's across the market IMO. Highly sought after DE models are selling in the used market before even hitting brokerage. I think the dearth of good (well-priced) supply in the used market is what people get frustrated with. That's just my opinion though, of...
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    38 Northern Bay

    I think this is the boat people have been debating about in the other Northern Bay 38' thread?
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    Northern Bay Sale

    Somewhat of a non sequitur in this thread, but yes, you’re right. In a deep recession, if something needs to go, the toys are the first thing....
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    Northern Bay Sale

    intrigued by “enlarged” do you mean simply a 36’ + 2’, or doing what Gary Kief did with his 43’? I’ve always liked the look of the 36’ + 2’ NBs I’ve seen but the sheer is still low and the prop clearance issue would still be there, unless you monkeyed with the running gear.
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    Northern Bay Sale

    Saw that a few weeks ago. Great opportunity to jump into a NB.
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    Morse Control setup for Mercury Outboard?

    you should be able to as a '96 definitely had cables for shift and throttle. As long as they are long enough you should be able to connect them to a morse binnacle same as you might the old quicksilver (I'm guessing) single lever binnacle. You might need to buy new cables if the connections...
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    What's a "Novi"

    that term has been perverted over the years as well. People will refer to Dixons as Novis, and they definitely build some boats that retain the old school Novi profile and characteristics, but Dixon also builds modified Osmond Beal hulls that can yield good speed.
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    WTB Tuna Tower

    nice. Hopefully she's sneaky....sometimes tough if a boat wasn't finished specifically for the harpoon in mind, but worth a shot as there are several NB 36's around that have been successful stickboats
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    WTB Tuna Tower

    What hull are you rigging out for the pole?
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    28’ northern bay

    It was strange to me back in the day when I found out the 28’ was a skeg boat and the 36’ was a built down. I was used to a line being the same design, like Duffy or Young Brothers. And if there was an oddity like the 30’ Duffy that was on a skeg it was well publicized. still unsure who has...
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    45 Young Brothers w/ twin screws

    Weird seeing that old bird without the tower and stand. I can’t remember going out there in the wintertime and not seeing her sitting in pretty much that exact spot
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    Gonna finish out a DE boat one day

    sometimes this forum drives me a good way (I think)
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    Gonna finish out a DE boat one day

    still have the tower on her? Perhaps not super functional any more in the NE but boy was it a badass look