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  1. Saltaire

    Lobster Prices Dropping

    The lobster fishery has sadly been hit again, I feel for the folks whose livelihood depends on selling their catch at a fair price. It's a tough enough business to be in let alone getting hit by factors beyond their their control.
  2. Saltaire

    Making Wood Molding for the Interior

    I vote with Blitzen, teak is best choice for exterior or protected exterior application. Just observe the examples of various wood species in exterior use for many years and you won’t find a better example than teak; doesn’t split, warp, holds fasteners, reasonably durable against abrasion...
  3. Saltaire

    Making Wood Molding for the Interior

    I also appreciate all the tips and knowledgeable advice shared by forum members. When deciding curve radi for cabin work it makes sense to cut flat work to match what trim can be bought rather than hoping to find a match to a curve you have selected at random.
  4. Saltaire

    Downeaster definition.

    I just read and throughly enjoyed this Downeaster definition thread. The mutual passion for well designed and built for working on the sea boats made my day. In my youth I had the good fortune to live next door to a man who built wooden bass boats for a living, spent some quality time in his...
  5. Saltaire

    Think this prop would be any good to start with on my 32 Holland?

    Leaky, have you asked the folks you intend to purchase the prop from if they are able and willing to loan (for small fee) various test props to determine what design and size performs best for hull and power plant. They may even wish to learn the results to advance their knowledge base, this...
  6. Saltaire

    Smaller/older downeast searching and questions.

    I have been very happy with my Dyer 29 used much the same way you describe. It is narrow, (9’-6”) but performs well into the sea, and only pitches mildly fore and aft, use of a drift sock is helpful as it is with any smaller boat. I would say the Dyer 29 is not designed for commercial fisherman...
  7. Saltaire

    Furuno NavNet TZTL2 12 Transducer Options

    I am looking for advice and guidance about what type of MFD to install in my Dyer 29. I bought a Furuno NavNet TZ Touch TZTL2 12 with idea of upgrading next year with a DFF3D sounder and 165T-B54 transducer. In the meantime what would be the basic transducer to install this year for best...
  8. Saltaire

    NON touch screen displays

    Tsitas, My apologies!
  9. Saltaire

    NON touch screen displays

    Hi Wesmac, My apology here to Tsitas, was being talked at by wife as I replied, lost my train of thought! How much are you asking for 12" NSE? Thanks
  10. Saltaire

    NON touch screen displays

    Hi Tsitas, Interested in one of your 12" NSE, how much do you want?
  11. Saltaire

    I Bought a Dyer 29!

    Congratulations! She's a beauty! Love those new Owner's "happiness grins".
  12. Saltaire

    Engine box 98 lb

    Glad to find this discussion as I am also interested in building a new engine box to replace the existing heavy 3/4" plywood box. Just looked up weight of 3/4" plywood, it is 2.13 ppsf so finding a strong composite weighing half or two thirds of this would be great.
  13. Saltaire

    Dyer 29

    Hello Eastporter, You may want to read here in DEBF the conversation: "29 Dyer vs 26 Fortier shoot out". This conversation contains posts from folks with a lot of experience with both craft, very informative. I am always amazed to see how many people make comparisons between these two great boats.
  14. Saltaire

    Dyer 29

    I have little experience on a Fortier 26, two short trips 20 years ago and don't recall any serious following seas. I can say the Dyer does require a steady hand on the helm in a following sea and gets pushed around a bit, I found speed adjustment helps a lot finding the sweet spot to get ahead...
  15. Saltaire

    Dyer 29

    Eastporter, For quite some time I had narrowed my interest to the same two boats. I actually started my search for the Fortier 26 thinking slightly better performance with the hard chine hull design. I then added the Dyer 29 to my short list as a very comparable boat. In the end the Dyer 29...
  16. Saltaire

    Dyer 29

    Hello Singerj, After extensive searching for the right boat I determined the Dyer 29 perfectly fit my needs and purchased mine this past April. She was re-powered with a Yanmar 315 in 2008 and had 325 hours when purchased. Being a 1978 vintage I had the bottom gel coat stripped, epoxy barrier...