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    Hard chines 26 and under.

    What boats had hard chines and are 26 and under... Looking for something that drifts well, Deck stays dry(scuppers above water line), all glass below waterline, and has a wide beam...
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    24' Coastal

    Looks too crusty. I wonder if that boats gone under...
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    24' Coastal

    interesting... looks like a salvage company has it?
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    24' Nauset

    What kind of cruise do they get with a gasser? are the hulls cored? Looks like it’d be pretty stable with that beam.. how’s the freeboard ?
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    FS Fortier 26' Winter Project 'Not for Purists'

    I just don’t like the whole “make offer” part of this project. There’s a lot there and there’s also a lot left...
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    Looking for a hull

    Can you tell me more about this Cool Beans boat? I saw one that looked just like it in Cape May and it looked badass.
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    WTB Northern Bay 26

    What’s the info on that jc
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    26 Fortier project

    Posted in the forsale section here too with a little more info. Wish i had the capacity to take on something like that. Looks a lot closer to finished than most projects I’ve seen.
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    22' Sisu for $5k !!!!!

    I/o ☹️
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    need help breaking the spell

    Do you happen to know what the beam of a 22 is?
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    Smaller/older downeast searching and questions.

    I haven’t set a budget yet since I’m still learning about these boats and market but I’m looking for older and used and anticipate/welcome working on it. Thank you for the suggestions i also forgot to mention i would like no plastic on the enclosure. Are the seaways cored hulls? I’m located...
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    Smaller/older downeast searching and questions.

    My search to find my next boat has been exhausting. I could use some help narrowing my search for a Down east in the 22-28 range. I know it’s a large gap but I’m looking for used, older boats with inboard, keel, wide beam, and non cored construction. I’m looking to mostly bottom fish either...
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    27 ft Eastern $23,500 OBO

    Are these hulls solid or cored? Looks like there’s two posts, the pictures are on the other one: 27 ft Eastern $23,500 OBO
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    27 ft Eastern $23,500 OBO

    few Questions: Cruise/wot and fuel burn at cruise? Draft with the keel? Weight of boat with trailer (best guess?) Fuel capacity? Thank you!
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    Another newbie, center console to DE questions

    I’ve been toying with the idea of a pocket downeast such as a 22’ sisu... I’m on my second mako center console and I’m kind of over the pounding and the outboard maintenance and unreliability( i know newer 4 strokes are a different story but they cost more than my boat and car are worth) I don’t...