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    Wet Keel - Inside Cutlass

    Just call R.E. Thomas in Maine or look at their catalog on line and be done with it . You could even send them your old stuffing box base and have them drill and trim the new intermediate bearing housing to match what you have. Great people to deal with.
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    oxidized black pvc rub rail

    MEK---, not mekp catalyst, they sell it in hardware stores. You need a cloudy day without wind. also eye protection and good gloves. It is one of the nastiest chemicals ever made , but it will work on pvc
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    Steering problem

    Couple of things to check. First make sure that when you turn the wheel and then take your hands off it that it makes just a little wiggle. if that shaft in the helm is binding up at all it means that helm is still trying to be on so to speak. Makes a ton of heat that way. Also look at the...
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    Provincetown Harbor

    We built that boat back in the 80s for a Harwich fisherman . She fished a lot of hard weather. Owner took her offshore 21 out of 28 days one february. She's earned her keep.
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    35 Duffy help

    Probably not what you want to hear ,but years ago we did the same engine change in one of the 35' Duffys we built. Never hauled out, did the job in the water and with 55 more hp we lost 11 rpm. Cat said that was still within specs. Can't say the owner was real happy. At this point I would...
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    35 duffy tuna

    I put fiberglass transverse framing in all the solid glass hulls we finish. Too big an unsupported area otherwise. I've seen hulls that crack the exterior gelcoat from flexing too much when pushed hard. That boat has chased a lot of tuna over the years since we built it and survived pretty well.
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    Switching Over from Power Assisted to Hydraulic Steering

    Pat, It's a wagner piston ,either an n40 or n50 -190.Better quality than anything else made today. Broze shell hard chrome plated inside. Hook itup to a capilano variable displacement pump and you're good to go for years to come. Andy Mc Cape island Boats
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    We have dealt with Athern Marine for more than thirty years. I've found them to be top notch people on either side of a transaction. Most every Scalloper and dragger in New Bedford has been bought or sold through their offices. Excellent people.
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    Cape Island Boats Launches 2nd 36 Flower

    24.5 kts turns 2535 out of 2500 rpm , 4degrees running angle, cruises 21kts. That was full fuel and six people aboard. Smooth as silk and pretty quiet. Happy owner and finisher.
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    Cape Island Boats Launches 2nd 36 Flower

    Layout out is similar to the Gracie III (the previous 36 Flowers we launched). The Endeavor is solid glass hull with our conventional framing. Off to Sea trials now.
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    Cape Island Boats Launches 2nd 36 Flower

    We have launched our 2nd 36 Flowers of the Year. This one is staying on Cape Cod and will reside in Bass River
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    New build 36 flowers hull; Cape Island Finishers

    nice picture looks professionally done
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    Nat Geo "Wicked Tuna" program

    We built the Christina back in the late 80s or very early 90s. She was originally named the Lorelie, the renamed the Reilly Dawn and Presently the Christina. She is a low shear 35 Duffy that we started on spec and completed as Tuna boat. It was built with a custom Cape Island Boats house and...
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    Caulking Question

    Sika Flex 292 is another option
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    31 Duffy

    That is correct. We did build that one a few years back.
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    31 Duffy

    The only other consideration in raising an existing house would the number of wires and cables that would need to be replaced.
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    31 Duffy

    In the past we have raised a number of tops on the 35 ft Duffy's. The easiest way is to make your cut through the middle of the windows. This gives you the smallest area to repair. Your windows will end up larger in both width and height. You can always fill in and re adjust your window sizes...
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    31 Duffy

    We equipped her with a Cummins QSB 5.9 at 380 HP. She does has a flush deck in the wheelhouse. We were able to do that by having a small step into the wheelhouse and by fabricating our own house.