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    Formerly the Webber's Cove 22',26',29 hulls

    There's one 26 outboard model
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    Formerly Webco and Pemaquid Beach 22,26,29 at John's Marine Care New Harbor ,Me 207-350-3030

    Yes this is a Finnish job her call talk to him 2073503030
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    Formerly the Webber's Cove 22',26',29 hulls

    Can't be done it copyright infringement
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    Formerly the Webber's Cove 22',26',29 hulls

    They are the JMC's 22'26&29 now
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    Formerly the Webber's Cove 22',26',29 hulls

    This is a 22 being Finnish
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    28’ northern bay

    Yep 36 is Spencer Lincoln and 38 I think to
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    28’ northern bay

    28 muscle ridge is Wayne Beal Mitchell cove was northern bay,crooked river,there anotger can't think of it Crowley is as far as I know same Allen Leighton I think got the mold or Sargent boat Wayne Beal may have a hull again Jeremy, Wyanes boy built a race boat of a Crowley I think.I can...
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    28’ northern bay

    Yeh he based the lines for the Wayne Beal off the little girl but the Mitchell cove was taking off the little girl it was a plug for the mold.
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    28’ northern bay

    The WB 28 is almost like the 28 norther bay.The 28 northern bay original was the 28 Mitchell cove which come from a wooden Calvin Beal the Little Girl built in 1981 it's the boat that hit the bridge day before races and won the race the next day. The Wayne Beal is kinda based on same lines
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    xactics fish box question

    We just make ours out off just bungee cord works great
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    What is this used for

    Also for dealing with trawls on top of your trawl we got a winch on our Davey we use all the time.They are a back saver
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    What's a 2018 Evinrude Etec 90hp with low hours mint condition worth?

    Go with the etec well worth the money and very tough.Ive always had had Yamahas but the etec is the answer them 4 strokes are junk exspecilly in the winter they never run right them etecs start every time
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    damariscotta river

    The Pemaquid yacths molds are John's Marine Care now pictures above
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    Sisu 22 bass inbrd dsl

    She would fall over on her side with a 240 hp yanmar
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    Bow thruster on a Sisu 22

    My 22 sisu didn't have enough bow in water for one of them.Id practice docking if I was you