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  1. tunaorlater

    All dress up & nowhere to go.

    Looks great. Hopefully things turn around quickly for you and all other small business owners!
  2. tunaorlater

    Guess That Keel

    Custom job I assume?
  3. tunaorlater

    Northern Bay Sale
  4. tunaorlater

    It’s getting serious: Hamilton Marine temporary closure

    Shit! Even the crappy beer is selling!
  5. tunaorlater

    It’s getting serious: Hamilton Marine temporary closure

    Got that too and thought the same. This will slow things down more up there. If that’s Stay safe all.
  6. tunaorlater

    Wynne Windows

    Yes tape goes on the window. Hold the window up to the boat and see what kind of gaps your trying to make up. Go from there. I used mostly 1/4” on my last boat.
  7. tunaorlater

    Wynne Windows

    Clear front tinted sides looks fine. Tape and silicone is best way in my experience. They will eventually get leaks regardless. This way you pop em out clean everything up and reinstall in less than an hour. Put the tape on the frame and a light coat of silicone on the tape.
  8. tunaorlater

    Volvo Engines

    I’ve had several Volvo’s and yes the parts are expensive but they are generally quality engines and the parts are quality so things don’t wear out like cheaper made engines. I’m not speaking for every Volvo motor just Volvo in general.
  9. tunaorlater

    External strainer only?

    I have both. Only thing I use the inside strainer for is winterizing and running off the hose.
  10. tunaorlater

    I have 2. A B265LH and a B260. The HF side of a 1/2/3 kw are all th same. The LF is where they...

    I have 2. A B265LH and a B260. The HF side of a 1/2/3 kw are all th same. The LF is where they change. If your not looking to mark bottom structure in more than 500’ your fine with the 1kw. I didn’t go wide because I do a lot of bottom fishing and the wider the beam the bigger the area your...
  11. tunaorlater

    Odd Inquiry Regarding the Sale of my Engine

    Your bank can confirm a bank check is legit by calling their bank. I usually meet at the bank and do the process there that way the money goes directly into my account.
  12. tunaorlater

    36 Wayne Beal Fly bridge

    Because most people are full of shit lol
  13. tunaorlater

    5 blade props

    I’m running a 5 blade zf faster wheel. Very happy with the performance.
  14. tunaorlater

    Any Ros 24 owners ?

    Do you know the price for a bare 24’ hull?
  15. tunaorlater

    Trolling motor with spot lock on Downeaster

    I’ve seen a few installed on the transom. It works just as good as the bow? Why not more? Seems easier and need less shaft
  16. tunaorlater

    Northern Bay Sale

    I’d say best speed of a good powered 38 is 20 knots. Rarely you have to go slower than that and it tracks really good. Once your up in 23-25 knots it becomes Alotta work unless it’s completely flat calm.
  17. tunaorlater

    Northern Bay Sale

    no I’m talking if it was a 38 not a 36. It wouldn’t be as fast or as efficient as the current 38 though. I’m talking slight differences here not anything major I just feel that the 36 would ride a touch better. I have a lot of time in both hulls not just the ones that I owned. You can’t go...
  18. tunaorlater

    Northern Bay Sale

    This is the sale I want to see. This is the 2003 price list when we built our first 36.
  19. tunaorlater

    26 Blue Bay

    Hate the engine but seems like a great deal.
  20. tunaorlater

    Northern Bay Sale

    I’ve owned both. The 38 is faster and more efficient. The ride is very similar but I think the 36 enlarged to a 38 would ride a touch better. The characteristics of the ride are extremely similar though.