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    19' Fileys

    I have the boat now. Not 100% sure what I’m going to do with it, but these type of skiffs seem to sell fast so I grabbed it while I could. Feel free to PM me.
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    Lobster Prices Dropping

    $30 difference for a family of five on an already extravagant meal. Plus I would like to buy extra to freeze. Plus there's the principal of the thing, I don't know what's happened to the fishery since I was a kid, but somethings gone wrong if an American resource, a Maine resource, is being...
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    Lobster Prices Dropping

    $6.99 now. At $4.99 I’ll steam some lobster for the wife and kids.
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    Lobster Prices Dropping

    Only with a special permit I guess.
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    Lobster Prices Dropping

    Anyone selling off the boat in MA?
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    Lobster Prices Dropping

    Down to $8.99 lb in four days.
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    What's this hull worth? Worthwhile project?

    Not a downeast, but could you guys give me an idea of what you think a late 80' Steiger Craft 25' hull would be worth, sitting on a serviceable trailer? Bare hull, looks to have been a center console, console is gone. Looks solid with a soft spot or two on the sole that should be fixed...
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    WTB an outboard motor bracket, single or double, rated for up to 300hp

    WTB an outboard motor bracket, single or double, rated for up to 300hp.
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    Lobster Prices Dropping

    Where's here?
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    Lobster Prices Dropping

    If lobster drops to $6 a lb I'll single handedly rescue the eating as much as I can. I'm not having any luck finding rig to catch them myself so fingers crossed for some reasonable retail prices.
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    Lobster Prices Dropping

    If lobsters so cheap why's it still over $10 a pound at Market Basket in Salem, NH?
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    WTB 250hp 30" outboard

    Looking for an older/cheaper motor in good condition
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    Trunk cabin construction

    I'd like this info too. Trying to figure out what options would be. All wood, glass over wood, build a mold for an all glass, etc.
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    20' Midland vs 20' Pointer?

    I know a few guys have experience with Midland but does anyone have experience with an old 20' hull from a Maine builder Pointer Company in Yarmouth? Wondering how the two compare.
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    Anyone have a LeBlanc they are thinking of selling?

    Or similar trailerable Novi style boat?
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    What's a "Novi"

    Best guesstemate, assuming that hauler, motor and everything works and deck and transom are solid, what would be a fair price for this 20' boat?
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    Dyer 29 on Craigslist

    Down to $4k. Sure wish I had the time, skill and money.
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    HMB boats?

    Cant find anything on this manufacturer. Any info, thoughts, opinions appreciated.