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  1. Dslpwr

    Certified welder

    Looks great, make sure you have a support for that riser. Those clamps won’t hold much weight
  2. Dslpwr

    Johnson Engine raw water pump Impeller question

    That one will work fine, that’s what we use in the 300 series Deeres
  3. Dslpwr

    Prop pullers

    Those tapered roller bearings are preloaded. We have used these fo 10 years plus without a issue, and they are used almost everyday. A bad shaft alignment would be harder on them. Also there is a major amount of thrust put on these transmissions when in gear.
  4. Dslpwr

    Prop pullers

    Shawn I’ve used them on a 3 1/2” shaft on a 50 Dixon 44” prop. Two strikes and she was loose
  5. Dslpwr

    Who's Open

    RE Thomas was closed all last week, but was opened Monday got a shaft ordered but it will take at least two weeks
  6. Dslpwr

    Who's Open

    We are open, our store stocks every for the commercial side plus more. Feel free to call me on my Cell anytime if I’m awake I’m working 207-461-6381
  7. Dslpwr

    26' Webber's Cove - Outboard

    Go 300hp! In my opinion but I have a hp addiction. I love those hulls
  8. Dslpwr

    All dress up & nowhere to go.

    Ronnie she looks good! I’m in the same place as you a new shiny tool and not much reason to use it
  9. Dslpwr

    Looking for 29/32 boat H&H ..Bhm.. rp

    I have a customer up here selling her 29 Osmond. PM me and I’ll give you her contact info. It has a 4045 Deere 150hp and is in very good shape
  10. Dslpwr

    27 H&H QSB 5.9 Engine Install, engine mounts, isolaters and aluminum stringer brackets.

    Double, always mount the reduction gear. You can mount the engine bell housing also but it is not necessary. I’ve seen 20 plus reduction gears destroyed because the where not mouse properly by getting pot warp in propeller and cracking bell housing adapter. Not to say it won’t happen with...
  11. Dslpwr

    Roof LED Spotlight

    Wharf we have seen it here also. Robert Kramp is always bitching them
  12. Dslpwr

    It’s getting serious: Hamilton Marine temporary closure

    1.79 a gallon for gas in Downeast, On road diesel is still 2.39 my C-15 Cats love the fuel hopefully it gets to 2.00 bucks a gallon and they are still working!
  13. Dslpwr

    It’s getting serious: Hamilton Marine temporary closure

    Hamilton truck just did it’s delivery, warehouse manager was driving. Driver that was scheduled call in sick
  14. Dslpwr

    35’ Mitchell cove shop boat build

    Zip wakes installed, slide in and out by just light finger pressure
  15. Dslpwr

    Big Downeast's With Outboards

    All I can say is I’m glad gas is getting cheap!
  16. Dslpwr

    It’s getting serious: Hamilton Marine temporary closure

    Powderpuff, I’m sending my tractor trailer down tomorrow am to pick up 40’ guards and tow rails for my customers and my boat. It’s going to be a tough couple weeks trying to get materials that I don’t have in stock. RE Thomas closed down also Monday for the week. I need shaft and shaft tube for...
  17. Dslpwr

    Prop pullers

    We use them all the time. Our name for them is the “magic nut”
  18. Dslpwr

    Figured I would post a few

    Think is should get this tattoo? I don’t want my new boat scratched!