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  1. Fishonnelsons

    Do you guys bottom paint your rudders?

    Do you use the 1792 or 1793? One is 6 oz the other 16 oz
  2. Fishonnelsons

    Bottom paint

    Bluewater Marine AF 45
  3. Fishonnelsons

    Sabre 36 will be sold in New England

    Cost me $10k from Jacksonville FLA to Ptown, all in, flights for 3 guys, food etc etc
  4. Fishonnelsons


    Nice vessel, low hours, GLWS
  5. Fishonnelsons

    It’s getting serious: Hamilton Marine temporary closure We here are definitely not 100% knowledgeable about this. But on an overall level if you look at China, then Italy deaths, versus populations, then maybe compare that equation...
  6. Fishonnelsons

    ISO Center Console

    For an older friend, he had a 23 whaler outrage for the longest time.. Must haves - length 24-27, plus/minus, single engine with relatively low hours, does not want twins, live well, fish box, t-top Nice to have - Garmin electronics, side scan, wash down, etc Doesnt really need - radar...
  7. Fishonnelsons

    Used Garmin Electronics

    And then there was one....... 7212. left Garmin factory in 2012 range. has all the cables, gps antenna etc, no holding brackets or knobs ebay prices anywhere from $1000 to $1500 was looking to get around $1000, but willing to talk to members for reduced price
  8. Fishonnelsons

    Caterpillar 8.7

    Was googling around about these engines. They were originally paired with pods. Anyone know if they were ever used for straight inboard application? Also any feedback on them - service, reliability etc? I have an older 3196, 660hp, 2300 hours, just thinking about the future
  9. Fishonnelsons

    Used Garmin Electronics

    Decided to sell two spare units. Both Garmin 7212, left Garmin factory in 2012 range. One i have been using on my bridge, the other as a backup in the basement. one has all the cables, gps antenna etc, other just the unit, no holding brackets or knobs ebay prices anywhere from $1000 to $1500...
  10. Fishonnelsons

    Rope in the wheel??? Spare air

    I keep a pony tank now, although with the great whites around i need to train my mate how to use it.
  11. Fishonnelsons

    Figured I would post a few

    Thats one tough looking boat!
  12. Fishonnelsons

    Rod Holder Post - SOLD

    $500 or best offer
  13. Fishonnelsons

    42 Wesmac

    I get all excited, ready to see a beautiful wesmac, and then i see an ad like that. First, ok, its not what i expected, thats ok. Second, if you want to sell your boat maybe click more than 4 pos pictures and add a few more words. Just saying....
  14. Fishonnelsons

    Used Garmin Electronics

    Trying to decide if i should upgrade due to sale prices on Simrad EVO3, was going to wait 2-3 years but,,,,,,, if i can get the cost down by selling some of my stuff, i might get Wharf Rat going! Looking for any interest. All work fine, no issues. 7215, with removable white waterproof pod...
  15. Fishonnelsons

    Aftercooler service

    In Orleans Industrial Park, radiator shop does most up this way. Starfish Radiator
  16. Fishonnelsons

    Odd Inquiry Regarding the Sale of my Engine

    As long as you have cash in hand before hand, do it
  17. Fishonnelsons

    38 NB performance... With 11 liter at 400hp

    Boy, ive looked at 4 boats in a day! Getting the right boat at the right price can take a long, long time, but if you are fed up and can have one built, do it, you will be very hsppy
  18. Fishonnelsons

    38 NB performance... With 11 liter at 400hp

    Wow, must have been really neglected to value that low
  19. Fishonnelsons

    38 Northern Bay

    Thanks guys, sorry to repeat
  20. Fishonnelsons

    ISO two bent butt conventional rods

    For a friend, nothing custom/high class, just a few "good, used" rods sitting in your basement. He is all set - thanks for the leads