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  1. Toolate

    27 H&H Steering update

    Looks like a patch of glass on the hull ahead of that did you relocate the rudder? Nice clean work!
  2. Toolate

    Changing exhaust hose

    Also plumbing supply store should have test balloons in whatever exhaust diameter you have up to 6”. Cut the wires on the hose with 4” grinder/metal wheel and then knife down to the glass and peel it off. Put the new hoses back over layer of rectorseal thread sealant and you will love it...
  3. Toolate

    26' Webber's Cove - Outboard

    Would be great to see if you could find out how that other boat with twin 115’s runs on one. I bet it does reasonably well. Personally would go with the 300 if weight is the same. Cant wait to see it finished out. Which 22 are you talking about? :)
  4. Toolate

    26' Webber's Cove - Outboard

    I love this boat and outboard combo and cant wait to see it finished out. Going to open a lot of peoples eyes to outboard power and love the bracket so you get a full Transom and swim platform all in one. I wonder about the power though- fuel cap seems a little short (not too much maybe 25...
  5. Toolate

    Custom solid fiberglass pilothouses

    Sharp! What is your IG username?
  6. Toolate

    Worn rudder post?

    Some guys swear by synthetic stufff maybe someone will chime in. I haven’t packed a stuffing box in 20 years!
  7. Toolate

    Worn rudder post?

    @oldbay does the packing nut move with the shaft or is the shaft play inside the packing nut (nut not moving). Bet you loosen that nut and all will be revealed. Sounds like best case yo need new packing anyway.
  8. Toolate

    Lifting rails for the 30 Sisu

    Couple days late but honestly don’t recall. I talked about cure time somewhere here and wished it was longer because it really kicks. Make sure you have the right respirator and a breeze because the fumes/VOC levels are nuts. Bring like 2 gallons of acetone and a helper to clean it up before...
  9. Toolate

    Sisu 26 transformation

    Wow the glass work and gel coat is very nice! Hard to beat a clean bilge too ;). Nice!
  10. Toolate

    Sabre 36 will be sold in New England

    I have a 98 and your price could be spot on for the right buyer and if the boat has been updated- build quality is fantastic. I love mine and the amount of space inside cannot be understood until you see the boat. I am 6’ 2” and never feel cramped inside. Spent almost 2 weeks aboard last...
  11. Toolate

    SOLD-Thanks DEBF

    Every I/O needs a repower :)
  12. Toolate

    21' Novi project

    Yes but to purchase this for $1 means spending maybe $7k at a bare minimum for glass over CDX floor and used motor and then you have a boat no one will buy. The price is right I would say.
  13. Toolate

    Mast Wiring

    Easier said than done though haha.
  14. Toolate

    Mast Wiring

    Would suggest option 1 but don’t just drill a hole in the roof and run wires. Should de-core if needed and glass in a small raised piece of tube of some sort (glass would be great) that sticks up above the roof top by an inch or 2 so any water that may get in around the base cant run into the...
  15. Toolate

    What's this hull worth? Worthwhile project?

    I think the hull is a liability myself though hard to say without a picture but in general- any 30 year old hull that needs work is worth next to nothing and you dont need it so done overpay. Should be free based on the cost/skills/effort it will take to rebuild. Does it have a floor? Lots to...
  16. Toolate

    Sisu 22

    Wow nice.
  17. Toolate

    36 Harris rebuild

    Man @Islandlure you have come a LONG way!!! Keep it up! Looks f’in great
  18. Toolate

    I beam

    You could add/subtract posts to shorten the span as you go. 6x6 lumber spanning your deck and some steel or wood posts would do you if you find a beam that is too small. Lift/move 3’/add post behind and move post in front of engine another 3’ then repeat until done.
  19. Toolate

    External strainer only?

    Mine are square to the surface not angled. Guessing like 100gpm at cruise since its like 40-50 at idle
  20. Toolate

    Aftercooler service

    No connection but saw an ad for these guys who looked promising.