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  1. Pioneer

    External strainer only?

    been using one for 24 years without any problems. I also pull the screen once a year, clean out the holes and put down some fresh bottom paint.
  2. Pioneer

    Nauset/Bruno 35 looking for pics

    Dr. Chip . . .thanks for the videos. My old stomping grounds as well; grew up fishing Manhasset Bay and dropped lobster pots from Fort Totten to Mamaroneck. Didn't get far - in Port Jeff area now - but miss Western LIS. Beautiful, great fishing, lots of places to get out of the wind, etc. Thank...
  3. Pioneer

    The Lobster Lady still fishing at 99 years young

    WOW. . .what an inspiration!!! Thanks for sharing
  4. Pioneer

    Making Wood Molding for the Interior

    Good point Saltaire! Thank you
  5. Pioneer

    Making Wood Molding for the Interior

    thanks c1steve! appreciate it!
  6. Pioneer

    Making Wood Molding for the Interior

    thanks Fishnjess . . .gonna stay on the dark side to match the rest of the interior trim, which is mahogany
  7. Pioneer

    38 Flowers New Build

    Wow! Congrats to you Captaincies Mike!!! Now I really gotta get my butt up there to fish with you!
  8. Pioneer

    Making Wood Molding for the Interior

    thanks for the assist! I'm guessing that you use kerfs to join the pieces . . .is that correct?
  9. Pioneer

    Making Wood Molding for the Interior

    Thanks for that . . .been meaning to try my hand at laminating; a lot of work for one piece of trim but if successful, I'm sure I'll find other places on board for trim. Really appreciate getting help from guys with your skills!
  10. Pioneer

    Making Wood Molding for the Interior

    Thanks Fishnjess . . .she's under a tarp so no photos. I have both teak and sapele in varying thicknesses; not sure which one I'll go with yet. The width of the trim will be about 1/2"
  11. Pioneer

    Making Wood Molding for the Interior

    Been reading from the sidelines for a while and the skills you guys show are truly inspiring; best part is your willingness to share with everybody. Very much appreciated! My question is how to make interior trim moulding? I can rip straight pieces on the table saw, and know they sell some...
  12. Pioneer

    Do you take your dog on your boat?

    My first mate! Vest because he likes to pounce on bunker; bloody mary cuz I have to fish him out!
  13. Pioneer

    "Teak & Holly" cabin trunk sole options; laminated wood, composite, or glue down mat?

    I replaced my sole with 5/8 ply with teak and holly veneer; got it from Roberts Ply in Deer Park, LI. Coated it with 3 layers of epoxy and 4 of epifanes. A few scratches but still holding up after 4 years of abuse.
  14. Pioneer

    34’ webbers cove

    Great job Cap! Thanks for sharing . . .love the way you're including the fam!
  15. Pioneer

    28 Northern Bay

    Thanks pal . . .next step is to show the pictures to the wife, pray a little, etc
  16. Pioneer

    28 Northern Bay

    Beautiful boat Cap! Any chance you have some pics of the cockpit and her hull?
  17. Pioneer

    The search has ended !!!!!!!!

    WOW! What a beauty! Congrats . . .hope to see her out on the Sound someday.
  18. Pioneer

    columbia 25 northsider

    Gerry . . I'll be around Sunday afternoon (after 12:15) if that works for you; possibly later Saturday afternoon as well. Let me know if that works for you.
  19. Pioneer

    columbia 25 northsider

    sure . . .up in Boothbay now but will be back on the Island next week; will try and fish each weekend on Oct except 10/19; let me know what weekends ur thinking about.
  20. Pioneer

    columbia 25 northsider

    I own one Gerry; have for the past 23 years. Run her in LI Sound and for a 25' she really takes the short chop we get down her very well. Takes it very well on the beam too; very little roll. She's got a square ass so you get the typical squirrely stuff in a following sea but let the waves pass...