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  1. sailor of fortune

    Eastern Boats - blue gelcoat

    Check out Spectrum color in St Augustine,Fl. They make gelcoat for many of the boatbuilders. Their website may help.
  2. sailor of fortune

    1979 42 Bruno Stillman/For Sale/251-747-0469/Orange Beach [email protected]

    YW says 6-71...Looks like a nonturbo to me but they say 310HP. I didn't see speed in the ad,
  3. sailor of fortune

    Pics from my phone.. just cause

    very pretty proportions on this boat
  4. sailor of fortune

    Tuna boat

    wasn't more than a few years ago Tuna/De's were price depressed. I'm not saying there will be less boats, just some for sale at a different price than last summer......
  5. sailor of fortune

    Tuna boat

    might be the end of the DE bubble for a minute
  6. sailor of fortune

    All dress up & nowhere to go.

    Really looks good! Hopefully this will be short lived and yo can get on with charter trips.
  7. sailor of fortune

    Fortier 26 Restoration

    wow, what a nice job you did,she looks great! I agree with Bdog, absolutely worth restoring.
  8. sailor of fortune

    Best wet exhaust hose?

    Just call Roses Marine in Gloucester, they will hook you up.
  9. sailor of fortune

    Deck Rebuild- 17’ Roth Bilt

    Weight on a small boat adds up. Make it a little stronger than it needs to be , but don't get carried away... They ain't trying to weather the perfect storm, its just a day boat outboard
  10. sailor of fortune

    Figured I would post a few

    I wonder how much those bilge keels help rolling?
  11. sailor of fortune

    Hinged anchor pulpit

    Jeez, that is pretty slick! I like the index pins that it sets down on.Clever setup
  12. sailor of fortune

    42 Wesmac

  13. sailor of fortune

    Battery Cable 4/0 for custom battery cables and accessories. Mom and pop shop in Brunswick ,Georgia. We used them several times while working in the area. Internet sales is 80% of their biz. Very easy to work with
  14. sailor of fortune

    Switching from documentated vessel to state registered in MA

    5 net tons has nothing to do with how much your boat can carry. Its a volumetric calc that has to do with certain spaces on your boat. Also has nothing to do with if your Documented (unless foreign built) or state registered
  15. sailor of fortune

    New 24' Ros

    Good looking boat
  16. sailor of fortune

    30 Calvin Beal on West Coast 250k

    I don't know who manufactures them but Hamilton marine sells them.
  17. sailor of fortune

    F/V Stormi Gayle 42 H&H with Scania 13L

    Ahhmm, they can only go in conditions that are available when filming... I'm pretty sure thats a badass seaboat on the day to day work schedule. Those fellas have aboat to pay for. Maybe you should sign on for a winter trip?
  18. sailor of fortune

    Pilot House for work barge

    I agree! Only improvement needed is roof camber. I cant see it would be an added expense.
  19. sailor of fortune

    Pics from my phone.. just cause

    Not same buider but similar area style ,PEI style. I would guess a Guimond/Millennium marine build.