boat building

  1. Capt. Flint

    Info on Shipwright

    Hey y'all, I'm looking for information on the builder of my boat. I cant find out anything about him. I'm the second owner of my boat. She's a 38' downeast with what looks like half a cape islander built down hull design, I havent been able to find another like her. She was built in 1945 by...
  2. C

    Core Cell core material

    Up for sale: 4ft x 4ft, 5/8 thick Sheets of Core Cell core. Looking to get 75 bucks a piece it's normally 140 a sheet. Message me if interested I've got 19 sheets available.
  3. L

    Fisherman's Forum Tier 4 Emissions discussion

    Calling all Commercial Fisherman interested in re-powers and New builds with over 804hp. New regulations to are set to be implemented at the end of the year. Come see Peter Emerson, our New England Product Support Specialist present at the Maine Fishermens Forum, March 4th at 2:45 PM...
  4. Grandslam35

    New Book on Striper Fishing available.

    Greetings Anglers. I have my first book coming soon, and it will be available April 2013. Bass Buff A Striper Fishing Obsession Guide The book is available at Home Page On the site are some recommendations from noted area anglers, and also a book sample, Chapter 3 The Striped Bass...