38' Northern Bay Prop


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Jun 9, 2016
Have a 38' Northern Bay that is currently overpropped. Just pulled the prop today. Prop is a 4 blade Hy Torq left hand rotation stamped 28x30. Shaft size is 2 1/4".

Boat weights approximately 28,000 pounds....setup as a cruiser/sportfisherman. Power is a Cummins QSM 11 @ 660 hp . Gear is a ZF 325-1. Ratio 1.727 We are barely getting 2140-2150 rpm on the pins with full fuel/canyon load.

I need to adjust pitch to get this engine spinning up to 2350 rpm with load % preferably between 90-95% at max rpm. Anyone else on here with a similar setup that could chime in and offer some advice? Thanks.
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