Couple PM/ profile changes


Aug 30, 2011
Hull, Ma
Boat Make
27 Terry Jason
When sending a PM the default to do this was to click on who Evers profile you wanted to PM and click “start a conversation “ .. this to me and to others isn’t clear.. is this public? So changed that text to “send a private message “

Also.. I deleted profile field that had the age. As it’s not important but replaced it with “First Name” .. you can edit your profile to fill this field in if you wish / if your name isn’t part of your user name .. such as Sam12345.. to me I don’t like PMing someone and just saying “Hey” If their user name was say boat12345.. makes it a little more tight knit if we know each others first name.. once again completely optional..

All changes are complete for this round of updates / software changes .. it’s been a lot and a lot of challenges..and I’ve tried not to change much just trying to make site better / easier . Should be smooth sailing from here .
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