Furuno NavNet TZTL2 12 Transducer Options

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    I am looking for advice and guidance about what type of MFD to install in my Dyer 29. I bought a Furuno NavNet TZ Touch TZTL2 12 with idea of upgrading next year with a DFF3D sounder and 165T-B54 transducer. In the meantime what would be the basic transducer to install this year for best performance using the sounder in the MFD?

    I am considering the B60 tilted element transducer which I could probably install myself as the boatyard is very backed up with other projects. Does the B60 make sense?

    I am also curious as to why there seem to be far more transducer options available for Garmin than Furuno. Should I return the TZTL2 12 and go with Garmin MFD?

    I did not see a multi-beam tilted element transducer for the DFF3D, is there one?

    The Dyer has a significant keel so a multi beam transducer could have a blind spot on opposite side of hull, a file with photo is attached.

    Any advise is much appreciated.

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