Looking For Matching Rod Holders


Oct 3, 2013
Clinton Harbor
Boat Make
35' Bruno & Stillman
I just finished making a rocket launcher for the 22 Webbers Cove. I used some rod holders that were gifted back to me after selling my Coastal to forum member CaptShip. :) I originally bought these about 15 years ago and had them on a few boats over the years. They were made by Smith and are gold Stainless Steel adjustable clamp on that fit a 1" tube diameter. I checked their web site and things have changed completely, with these no longer being offered.So I did some research on line and nobody seems to offer these. The closest model I see is by Taco. It looks identical (probably sold them to Smith for resale years ago) but is plain polished stainless steel without the gold. Before I go down that road I thought I would ask if anyone out there might have two of these matching gold stainless steel rod holders they would like to sell? Thanks for any help.

Rocket Launcher.JPG

Rod Holder.JPG
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