Looking for the designer or builder of this 23' Canadian built lobster boat

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Would the refit be better with a soft top or a hard top?

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    Good day to everyone,
    I've been around boats for half a century and most recently been building custom skiffs/yacht tenders (BluewaterBaby.com) so have a good skill set for this retirement project. We completed new composite decks (and planking upgrades) for our Herreshoff Rozinante this winter and last week we picked up this 1980 23' x 7'-6" 165HP Volvo diesel lobster boat. We are looking to use this boat for family fishing and crabbing around the Chesapeake Bay and offshore fishing in the Atlantic Ocean. The paperwork we got with it identified it as Canadian built but we cannot find any hull identification on the transom. The number on the paperwork was made up by the State registration folks. I do know that the boat was owned by a fellow from NJ who worked on the Cape May Ferry, who sold it to a fellow in Seaford DE where it sat for the past 17 years. The hull shape is round bilged and should ride well with low fuel usage. Since the boat will likely be completely disassembled and everything replaced we are looking to find out more about the maker and general history. I thank everyone in advance for looking at the pictures. I note that the hull/gunwale seam area is particularly robust so is a likely clue for someone who knows the type. If anyone might also know the estimated fuel consumption for this motor at an easy cruise in the low teens it would be appreciated. My thanks in advance for your feedback! IMG_8185.JPG IMG_8161.JPG IMG_8188.JPG IMG_8171.JPG IMG_8185.JPG IMG_8161.JPG IMG_8188.JPG IMG_8171.JPG IMG_8185.JPG

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