Rosborough RF-18 questions

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    recently bought a Rosborough RF-18 and so far I’m pleased with the boat. I’m wondering what other Rossi owners get for cruise speeds. Mine seems to run good with a 60 hp motor. She rides nice between 15-18 MPH and tops out around 25. anything above 16-18 in a chop tends to pound a bit. Do other owners see similar results?

    I’m a former Parker owner and those boats ride hard and take a beating. The Rossi rides nice but when she starts to pound it’s hard to tell if feeling flexing?? The hull is pretty thin but just wanted to know if these are normal traits on these boats.

    Also the hole just above the deck in the transom that has a screw cap... what is that for? Thought it may be a central scupper but with the 60hp and a 4hp kicker water just floods the deck when I pull that plug... what are other folks doing to scupper the rain water on a sealed deck and transom?

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