Striped Bass Commercial Season (MA)

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    Holy shit bro its crazy. Theres a line from river road all the way to downtown come like 4am. I can see the flotilla from our house which is new this past year.
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    It was easy to tell last year who was not from the area by the amount of people stuck on the bars in pleasant bay. That makes it real obvious who knows the area and who doesnt.
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    and those that hit the beaches high and dry!
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    Out of staters time is coming soon don't you worry. And tagging will be in effect next year more than likely which will probably chase some people off. Change is coming, just not this year. And as for the fleet off of my home town, it's a joke. Not trying to trash on people coming to make a living but the way Chatham is over run with idiots is an unfortunate nightmare. Just the way it is these days though. And Stripers Forever....oh man. Don't forget to email elected officials

    This is what we're up against in case you don't know:

    The three legislative bills put forth by Stripers Forever are listed here:
    Bill H.2506
    Bill H.811
    Bill H.812

    H.811 and H.812 are filed with the Joint Committee on Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture. Currently, no hearings are scheduled through July 5th.

    H.2506 went to public hearing in March. Some of you wrote or contacted your legislators regarding this bill. Please continue to contact the committee regarding this bill.

    One of our members wrote a letter and received this response:
    Thanks for emailing me on this issue. I spoke out against the Stripers Forever bill last year and will continue to support our commercial fishermen. Several of us have had a number of meetings with the other side during the last six months, looking for ways that will help maintain the health of the fishery without affecting commercial fishermen.

    The proposals our group made to Commissioner Diodati included a number of measures to help prevent weekend warriors parading as commercial fishermen, a group that imposes high rates of fish kill due to lack of training. They're out there in order to write off their boats for tax purposes, not because they are legitimate commercial fishermen.

    I'm with you on this issue and will continue to fight for our real commercial fishing fleet.


    Randy Hunt, State Representative
    5th Barnstable District
    297 Quaker Meeting House Road
    East Sandwich, MA 02537
    (508) 888-2158


    Additionally, the association weighed in through this letter below:

    Members of the Joint Committee on Revenue,

    As Executive Director of the Massachusetts Commercial Striped Bass Association representing 125 fishermen residing in the state of Massachusetts, I write to you requesting that you reject House Bill 2506.

    This bill is specifically designed to undermine and destroy the commercial striped bass fishery and further serves as a waste of tax dollars. The bill is the brainchild of a special interest group, Striper's Forever, who's one goal, as stated on their website, is to make striped bass a gamefish coast-wide(1). These malicious efforts to destroy this culturally and economically important fishery have been ongoing for several years and have failed repeatedly. While MCSBA may not have the resources to produce privately funded studies and hire full time lobbyists, we do have the people of Massachusetts who have spoken loudly in their desire to maintain this commendable and sustainable commercial fishery. Numerous restaurants, chef's and tourism associations that understand the importance of striped bass to our culture and their businesses have weighed in unequivocally. The marine services industry and bait & tackle shops who know the impact that commercial bass fishermen have on their bottom line want this fishery to continue. The fishermen who support their families from this clean hook and line fishery clearly understand the importance of this fishery.

    The striped bass fishery is one of several state fisheries in which many of our members participate in order to make a profit. Bluefish, Black Sea Bass, Tautog, Fluke and others make up a series of small fisheries that allow one to make a living from our state's resources. To single out one as economically unimportant is short sighted. The Joint Committee must realize that the striped bass fishery is a significant piece of state commercial fisheries resource. Without access to the striped bass fishery, fishermen's jobs will be at further risk. This trend must be avoided and the healthy resources must be utilized for benefit of all citizens of the commonwealth.

    We urge you to reject this bill and all future attempts to destroy this wonderful fishery that has existed in Massachusetts since colonial times(2).


    Darren Saletta
    Executive Director
    Massachusetts Commercial Striped Bass Association
    [email protected]

    Stripers Forever - Welcome to Stripers Forever
    (1) Welcome to the official web site for Stripers Forever, a not for profit organization dedicated to making the striped bass a gamefish.

    Mass. Division of Marine Fisheries: Striped Bass - Species Profile
    (2)The striped bass has been prized in Massachusetts since colonial times. In 1670, Plymouth Colony established a free school with income from coastal striped bass fisheries.
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    This is just like the tuna bull shit we need to use the control date on both sorry if you get knocked out of the fisheries but its time we take the play boys in there white boots out come in
    Shawn goulart commercial fishermen Gloucester mass
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    There is no control date on bass and the tuna control date is 97 you would be out of both
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    Yea i'm no fan of a contol date. It sucks how many guys fish that don't even catch 30 in a SEASON, but it is one of the good things about our fishery too. Too many fisheries are becoming limited access with huge costs for permits, ect.
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    You shouldn't talk about yourself like that seth..

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