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Apr 24, 2012
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Professional software for marine navigation | TIMEZERO

A few years ago I did a long thread to let everyone know about the TimeZero software, specifically Catch and Trident. I'm doing an updated piece, but to keep the party fun I'm adding lots of images and links. Since back then, MaxSea/Nobeltec , which are the same companies, both owned by 51% owned by Furuno, but MaxSea bought Nobeltec back in like '09 to get better penetration in the North American market because of the name.
MaxSea was huge around the world, but not really here. That said, MaxSea slowly transitioned their products to be the TimeZero platform, retiring Admiral and VNS, so it's all the same shit for both companies. Essentially, if you're in North America, you deal with Nobeltec (which is all staffed by MaxSea TimeZero guys), and if you're in Europe/Australia/NZ etc, you deal with MaxSea.

Getting to the point, MaxSea was huge in the commercial market because of their PBG (Personal Bathymetric Generator), along with its ability to network with an ethernet cable to tie into a Furuno system to get all the data on the Furuno system, from position/waypoints/tracks, which synchroize immediately (create a Go To Cursor on the software or vise versa, it shows up on Furuno as an active mark so your pilot can follow )along the ability to view and control any of Furuno's Radars and Fishfinders, etc. So basically, if you have a NavNet3D/TZT, the software becomes a second station.

This next picture is what the software looks like with the Furuno DFF3D hooked up, which I'll explain in the next paragraph.

Also, click the video link below: Good stuff!

Over the past two years, TimeZero went from having Catch/Trident as their options, and after some big updates just called it TimeZero Professional. So essentially, you would get the TZ Pro software which comes with all the charts and the ability to tie into a networked radar (even without a Furuno display), but more importantly allows you to purchase unlocks to use the PBG, view and control networkable (ethenet capable) Furuno fishfinders like the FCV1150/DFF1-UHD, etc. Biggest development though, has been the release of Furuno's DFF3D. See below for some videos. Basically the DFF3D is a motion stabilized multi-beam SONAR that generates real time bottom contours and fish targets in 3D, and with the software, it can also be used for the PBG to generate accurate bottom charts which are insane. Best part by far; it uses a small thru hull transducer, about the size of the 600W B744V, it's called the B54T, and comes with a fairing block but a lot of DE guys have mounted them in the keel.

Check out the link below, which explains everything better than I can, and we'll keep this thread going with questions. Have a great weekend fam!
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