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Heading down to Bristol this week to pick up our new Midland 19. Old owner had new stringers and floors put in two years ago. Beautiful skiff!
I bought one last week too and dropped it off to get new strings and floors installed this weekend. I haven't found much information on the boats other than this forum but curious if anyone has considered putting a bracket on a midland? I'm going with a 115hp fourstroke so interested in whether a bracket would be necessary, a good idea, or concerns?
Cape Dory 28 Sport experiences. Looking seriously at purchasing a 1989 280 Sport with 200hp volvo diesel. Any info and pros or cons would be helpful. Is exhaust an issue? How do they fair in head or following seas? Any good ideas for seating solutions, we have a fairly large family. Thanks
Hey Man, call me anytime at 508-654-0170, love to talk about it. That's my cell. Thanks John
I have a 28BHM for sale if you want some pics and videos shoot me a text. 631-356-8852
Dear Bob,
I saw your message about the 38 Wesmac hull. I currently have a 28 Albin and a real itch to step things up. I would prefer it made into an overnight/cruiser/fishing private boat. What is a ball park number all if worked on this together?
Hello, I am interested to see your engine space. I have a Cummins 420 and recently cut my floor to repower. I like the look of your brace (FRP brace?). Would you care to share more pics of the floor in the deckhouse? [email protected].

Standing by on 1-6 in Bermuda
Got the call today marina not launching until further notice I’m ok with that the way things around us are changing Diesel isn’t available either better safe then sorry
Hello Sir-My boat is in Huntington Harbor.Today someone forwarded me yet another set of rules regarding the waterfront.If you would not mind,where are you getting your info from and where can a Recreational boat load up with diesel? Can not wait to see your Custom 38' Flowers.Unbelievable achievement.Congratulations. Regards, Clay
Hi Don,

Are you still using a stern mounted transducer? Can you give me some details on how u set your up please? I am thinking of pulling the trigger on a side scan unit(raymarine) and although nothing makes you feel alive like cutting a hole in your boat, especially below the waterline, i don’t really want to spend a ton of dough at the moment either. Thanks bud

There is a Rec guy that has talked at the Castafari show, I think maybe Larry, out of Chatham? He talked about deep dropping for swords off the cape.
I want to find out if that is accurate. I would like to target swords off the edge during the day. My other options would be the R109 at 2kw and the R509 at 3kw which would both do the job but get pricey.
You said that you went with the B275 LH-W and that you were happy with it. I think you said that you mostly fish up on the bank but occasionally go off the edge. Do you recall how deep you've used the low freq and how the performance was? Airmar's literature that you can expect coverage to 3000 feet with the B275.
Hi, I saw a post that you made regarding transducers and you said that WharfRat provided you with your electronics set up. I'm building a boat on the Cape. Who did you use for the install.
So far I’m very happy with my setup only been out to 700-800 feet so far with it but no problems at that depth
thanks, I did get in touch with Larry yesterday and he said that he marks bottom at 2000' and fish at 1000'. It seems anything more than the B275 is overkill but it might be cool to see whats lurking at 3000-5000'.
Hello, Did you end up getting the Regulator? Do you have any pics showing the condition of the mercury 60? Are the controls top mount or side mount? Steering tie rod included? Thanks
No, the timing of the deal with the Regulator didn’t end up working out, and given the power it had, I’m ok with that. I bought a Morse stainless binnacle to go with the Merc. The previous controls were side mount and pretty ugly, in my opinion. Probably going to just hang onto it and try to sell the entire skiff once I put it back together in the next few weeks.
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